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Do you refresh your feed multiple times a day waiting for your favorite Influencer to post something, so that you get a sneak peak of what they have been up to? This is our guilty pleasure too! This term needs no introduction as it became an instant hit amongst the millennials when Instagram and other social media platforms gave an opportunity for people to express themselves, and their individual style. It is widely known that fashion bloggers and influencers have a great impact over the global fashion and beauty industry, driven by their massive online and social media following, in some cases bigger than that of traditional media. And why would not they? These Influencers have made a name for themselves and have managed to break stereotypical notions of only having celebrities endorse or represent high-end brands.

In this crazy world of trending hashtags, new content, collabs and 'swipe up' marketing strategies, we will share with you some of the most well-known, stylish and awe-inspiring fashion influencers that cover all the glitz glam and behind the scenes of your favorite brands. We have curated a mini list of the must follow Top Fashion Influencers, so those of you who are inspiring fashion enthusiasts, this is a treat for you from the famous faces who cover events all over the world and give their input to us with their sense of style and engaging personality. Now let us get on to it, rummage through their wardrobe and OwnTheLooks.

Starting off with our very own muse, Ola Farahat, there is nothing we that we do not adore about this diva. With a style sense that is so unique and quintessential, this girl has left her mark not only in the Middle East but also globally! She has managed to amass a loyal following of 700 K followers on her Instagram @olafarahat. It makes her the first blogger ever to cover an edition of Grazia Middle East. She frequents the fashion weeks in Paris, London, and Milan and has managed to bag projects from high-end luxury brands.

 ola farahat website

Ola Farahat wearing the Yellow and Blue Madras Print Long Shirt and the Gold Solid U Hoop Earrings, from the latest collection.

Talk about classic fashion, and we immediately think about Dana Al Tuwarish. Follow her on Instagram as @daneeda_t for her on the go for modeling gigs, off duty time with friends and family in Kuwait and the occasional funny and unfiltered posts. If we were to describe her style, it would be timeless wardrobe classics with a pinch of newbie trends. Yes, she mixes it so well that you would be wanting to see more and more of it. What we like about her the most is her easy ability to switch up her style across the fashion spectrum, from super trendy and polished to casual and cool sportswear.

own the look dana

Check out Dana's page, where she is often found mixing different colors and prints so effortlessly.

This one needs no introduction, yet we will tell you about her briefly. She is a youth icon for all young girls, and being a social media star she boasts more than 3.1M followers on Instagram as @rawan. Rawan Bin Hussain studies law in the UK, and simultaneously has started her own makeup line called House of Rawan. When it comes to her personal style, this beauty has a penchant for street wear, merch, vintage, and athleisure clothing. We are well aware that she is a globetrotter and shows us her life through her lens. We see her publishing fashion news and describing interesting lifestyle products to her followers.

own the looks rawan

If you are ever looking for cool yet classy fashion inspo, just take a look at Rawan's Instagram account.

She is a fashion writer along with being a styling expert who pairs clothes from different brands to show her followers on ways of how they should dress. Fouz Al Fahad boasts of a massive following of 2.5M followers while her own personal style has been featured in international publications. Quirky, confident and bold @therealfouz loves to use her style to experiment and push boundaries. She has a knack for styling bold accessories and we know her love for eye catching prints. Her account is an online visual journal of the things she buys & wears, places she visits, food that she eats and things that inspire her.

fouz al fahad - you can own the look

Fouz never fails to surprise us her with her creative and girly style.

Influencers are all about fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and shopping but we love the ones who keep it real. These are just a few of our favorite divas who teach us how to OwnTheLooks and stay classy. Let us know who are your favorite ones, and how do they inspire you. 😊

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