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Our love for dressing up emulates from being inspired by fashion gurus and our favorite celebrities or influencers wearing clothes that connect us to them and make us want to go and buy the same stuff. We wish to dress like them, be styled by them and worship their work. Today we are going to talk about some of our favorite women who electrify our passion for fashion especially when it comes to spring and summer apparels. The only trend forecast that you will need for what to wear this season, would be tips from these head honchos. Some of these powerful fashionistas who command the most in the fashion world, not just wear the trends, but create the trends and take the world by a storm.

Fashion has evolved and these women have concluded that in fact, these days, many of the pieces in which we are the most comfortable are the ones that make us feel like we can conquer the world. So what should you invest in? From day to day style, to timeless pieces, these ladies have been able to incorporate bold prints along with bright colors of the season. Time to own the looks by switching to some fresher clothes that are lighter and brighter. So, what are you girls waiting for? Time to sip on some chilled Pina Coladas, rummage through your wardrobe and style yourself up as you get inspired by these lovely ladies and handpicked by yours truly.

First up we have Jameela Jamil who not only has called out celebs for promoting slimming teas but also reigns as the sweet darling of spring fashion. Whether she is on the red carpet or taking selfies in a trial room, she makes sure to ramp up her looks. Her dressing style varies from floral gowns and pleasant mullet dresses to matching Pj sets and adorable onesies. Jameela is quickly proving that her ways of fashion are one to watch. Her style is quintessential, and much appreciated because it differs than most of the others. We live for her style and behind the scenes videos on her Instagram account.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil looks fab in her spring looks

Next up we have the famous actress Ariel Winter, her fluttery lashes and curly hair are not the only things that make her look like a doll. Her utterly charming dressing makes her want to experiment with fresh styles and if she wears something new, it is guaranteed to become an instant trend amongst her youth followers. Ariel has finally caught up with her own signature style and has discovered her style stride, and it is all about keeping it classy and clothes that accentuate her figure type.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter looks adorable in a spring themed frock

If you're already pinning her pictures as inspiration for your event, we totally understand, cause next up we have Gina Rodriguez who has earned a good name in the Latino American community of actors. Her style and empowering Hollywood evolution are undeniable. From blazer suits to epic gowns, she is our latest style crush. Gina has been using her wardrobe to reflect the values of what represents her personality and background. She has been showing a love of sparkle, ruffles, and above all else bright and bold colors, the kind we are usually not sure of sometimes.

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez blooms in her summer style gown

And last but not least, we have the legendary Mandy Moore. From singing to acting and being our woman crush, we adore her to bits. Her summer style is so sweet, we want to double tap every photo of hers on Instagram that comes our way. Although she had entered the glamorous celebrity sphere more than a decade ago, and though it seemed impossible, our love for her has only grown ever since then. She has changed and only for the better and the best. 

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore looks like a ray of sunshine in her fabulous summer outfit.

The temperatures are soaring, and we totally draw inspiration in a way that you get the full impact of wearing something bold without looking like you have tried too hard. Transitional pieces from spring to summer can be tough to find but you will want to keep these picks, ahead, at the front of your closet as summer approaches. So, it is time to choose these ladies and their ideas of springtime outfits for lighter, airier clothes that keep you cool and comforted to own the looks.

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