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Style is absolutely everything. As you walk out your front door each day, what you are wearing will provide you with confidence to handle the day. When you feel like you are not your best or you think you don’t look as great, there is a chance that you won’t be performing your best. In this article, we will provide you with Ola Farahat’s style tips that we know you will surely love as they will help you feel and look great as you walk out of your house each day. Check them out!  

Know and understand your own body 

Most women don’t have any idea as to what look great on them. That being said, they tend to wear styles and clothing items that aren’t that flattering. They wear clothes that don’t complement their shape or features. This is why it’s very important that you understand and know exactly what your body shape is. For petite women, Ola Farahat, our favorite fashion influencer and business woman, suggests you avoid wearing strong prints and chunky clothes. 

The best look would be something that is more fitted. For busty women, a skirt that catches the eye looks absolutely stunning. This way, attention of people won’t be on focused on your breasts. When you're comfortable with it, wear shorts or skirts to show off those amazing legs. Just avoid wearing tops that have lots of colors and prints. Wear a long jacket instead so you can draw eyes of people down. 

ola farahat style

If you’re pear shaped then you are like most people. Vertical lines will be your best friend from now on. Wear a-line skirts which come below your knees. A shirt with a V-neck will look excellent too. If you are a tall woman, avoid wearing anything that is too tight. It'll be about retaining the proper proportion. Never wear anything that is too long or too short as well. 

 Make sure your personality fits your style 

What is your personality? Maybe you are sexual, retro, chic, romantic, rocker, artsy, sporty, or just casual? Everyone has different personalities. Our clothes have to be in direct reflection with our character. If you’re a rocker chic, but you dress sporty, you will be giving the wrong impression.

ola farahat

When you wear a piece of clothing that does not fit as to what or who you are, then it will most definitely show. Also, when you are wearing something that’s true to what or who you actually are, then that shows as well. It is, therefore, extremely crucial to be just who you are and know that it is alright. This has got to be the most crucial style tip for all women out there. 

Stick with the fashion basics 

Many times, us ladies get caught up with trends. This is absolutely fine; however, it is a problem if we forget the basics. So, it is time for us to go revisit the basics. If you don’t know already, basics are the items which every lady has to have. This includes a well fitted pantsuit, jeans, black dress pants, nice boots, and a white shirt. As soon as you have your basics, you’ll be able to build on your wardrobe.

Basics go about with anything. When you’re out shopping, simply look for the things that you will be able to wear or pair with the basics that are already in your wardrobe. This is a hack that Ola Farahat lives by.

After the basics, experiment!

Too many women also get stuck with fashion and styling. They're able to find something which works for them, so they wear it for twenty years. This is not a good thing as you don’t look and feel the same in twenty years. So, it is essential that you experiment. Know and understand the body type that you have and experiment with this as a basis. It can be lots of fun. See if you like different looks and if they work for you. For now, you can also picture yourself in several different looks as you browse through our latest collection here

Try on brand new clothes once in a while 

ola farahat style

If you’re anything like most women, then you are not very fond of trying out new clothes. But, the list of tips for styling women won’t be complete with this one: try on new clothes! You have got to do it. After all, how will you know whether something is the perfect fit for you? Take Ola Farahat’s advise and try on the clothes that you have been eyeing for quite some time now. 

We all love styling tips especially from a famous fashion influencer! Take out a moment from your busy day to take a peek at our newest collection as we are also sure you will find yourself amazing items! 

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