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It is 2018, and let us admit it, for us going to the gym is no longer just a part of our health and exercise routine, but also a daily fashion drill. Nowadays, these places are regarded as more of state-of-the-art centers where apart from working out, we are often found guilty of snap chatting our mirror selfies and OOTDs! But while you are at it, it is essential to bear in mind that your clothes should fit you correctly, so that they do not flap around when you are running on the treadmill or get caught in the dumbbells when you are lifting. Also, acute, well-stocked bag can improve the chances of you hitting the gym and motivate you further.

This year has been full of hipster trends such as donning some of the chic and cool clothing workout outfits while sipping on to some cold-pressed juice and going for power yoga sessions, this way girls have upped their game and are surely taking on the exercise stratosphere. From fitness watches to athleisure clothing, fashion had rapidly emerged in the exercise world, whether it is about your clothing, shoes or even watches and other accessories. Whether your pick is baggy shorts, loose jersey T-shirts, or tight biker leggings, we will teach you how to make them all fashionable, while you Ownthelook. It is important to remember, whether you are a seasoned gym rat or even if you love following a new diet and fashion fads, you absolutely have to learn and retain the basics of gym etiquettes. 

First up we have every girl's best friend, the spaghetti and tank tops. It is the type of active wear that you can wear for your workouts, Zumba classes or merely for calming yoga sessions. It is an easy breezy throw on, no fuss clothing item that can be worn repeatedly without any high maintenance. In this era of minimalism, we would suggest, you stock up a bunch of these in different colors, as they are pretty handy. You could sport them with baggy shorts, and will find a variety of them with different logos and graphics printed on them. 

ola farahat ownthelooks

Ola Farahat chills in the Red Statement Camisole Tank Top from the OwnTheLooks collection.

Let us now move on to the next favorite - Biker Shorts. Recently, these have made a comeback in our activewear closets and in our daily fashion style too, thanks to all the models and influencers who don it as a part of the street style regulars. Comfy or not so comfy? That is the question, and so we leave it to you to decide, whether you would find it easy to work out in these. If yes, pair them with loose cropped t-shirts, so that you have a breezy comfy session. Today these come in designer wear and of course the regular stores, so it is up to us to take a call and make our pick with respect to these modish body-con bottoms.

own the look fashion

Kim Kardashian West is the queen of sporting biker shorts for all occasions.

Next up we have the leggings and sweatpants. These can be worn round the clock, in almost any place and we officially have proof that these are socially acceptable and can be substituted as pants. Pick a style in a neutral or dark shade that will pair well with different tops and T-shirts. For a quick workout, resort to these and you will not be disappointed with the outcome. The best part being, these leggings or sweats are not restricted to any one particular season and can be worn around the year. We love how many ultra-mod designs are available nowadays in mixes of different colors.


Olivia Culpo rocks multi-colored leggings

Last up we have some dope Sneakers (or Sports Shoes / Kicks, whatever you prefer calling them). Since these are perfect to exercise in, and are so convenient to buy and are available everywhere, we would say hoard your shoe rack with them. Since these can be worn at various places, we would term these as handy basics or 'can't do without', and never let go of them. As with their apparel, sports brands’ accessories tend towards funky colors.

Kendall Jenner - ownthelooks

Kendall Jenner rocks crisp white sneakers

Apart from dressing properly, it is mandatory to exercise well and create a regime that suits your body type. Also, do not forget to carry a nice tote bag or a backpack for your essentials, along with a deodorant and a towel. When you check these off your list, pick a fast music playlist, and you are set to rock those workouts. Let us know your gym style, and what are your favorites to OwnTheLooks.  

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