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Have you ever wondered why your closet is full to the brim; however, miraculously, it still feels like you have nothing decent to wear? Also, why is it that we keep on repeating the same outfits despite having hundreds of garments hanging inside our wardrobes? 

Scientific studies show that the reason why we only wear a fifth out of all the items we own is because the garments we mainly choose fit the persona of exactly who we’d like to be instead of who we are authentically, we justify impulse purchases as items on sale, or we overlook major flaws in products due to shoppers’ euphoria.

ownthelooks tops

Our daily mindset, self-perception, habits, and interactions with people around us are dictated by the way we present ourselves not just to the world, but also to the mirror we see each morning. If you want the key to success (just like the rest of us), a decluttered closet filled with trendy and versatile pieces isn’t the answer, but it certainly paves the way!   

There’s just one problem: creating a capsule wardrobe is daunting. This is especially true given the fashion industry’s saturation, which leads to the sartorial, continuous paradox of choice. Out of all the product categories, the most overwhelming is finding the most appropriate top to wear. Unlike your favorite leather jacket and jeans, it’s unlikely for you to wear the same shirts all week unless, of course, you’re in Silicon Valley. 

To help you cut through the clutter that’s seemingly endless, here are the trendy, yet versatile tops a woman needs in her wardrobe: 

Button-Down Shirt

Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt has always been a workwear staple; however, this garment can do wonders when added to your weekend pile. When paired with a skirt, a pair of jeans, or denim shorts, a collared shirt will add just the right amount of sophistication to a casual outfit. When used with bangles or a statement necklace, it quickly transforms back into a smart, trendy ensemble.

Silk Cami

Whether it is a night out or a day at the beach, a silk cami can dress up a typical tank top and trousers outfit. With a piece as versatile as this, you can wear it from the office straight to a fancy dinner – just throw on your favorite jacket and you instantly look put together in the most effortless way possible!

Scoop Neck Tee

Everyone knows that basic white tees are staples on women’s closets. Who survives without them anyway? Certainly not us! They’re staples for a laid back, casual wear; however, they can also be used for more formal occasions when combined with a sleek pencil skirt or a blazer and a pair of pumps. Make sure you have at least one solid-colored in your closet and throw a graphic shirt into the mix as it makes life fun!


A button-up shirt is considered a blouse, but we are talking about a kind that is dressier, one that deserves a category of its own. Blouses come in various styles and designs; some even have ruffles in them. This means you can have a blast choosing pieces that match your personality.

Choose blouses in different styles, and you won’t ever have to worry about running out of clothes to wear! Short-sleeved, tunic, peplum, long-sleeved, loose and flowy – these are some of the best pieces that can be dressed down with your comfy boyfriend jeans and go-to pair of sandals. For dressing up, pair them with skinny jeans and pointy heels for your upcoming date night.




Sweaters, contrary to popular belief, come in various styles as well! Cropped, furry, cable knit, short-sleeved, oversized, long-sleeved – the list is near endless. We suggest you get one for each style you prefer as stylish sweaters are great with skirts and jeans, for layering over dresses, and over long blouses and button-ups. We also love them with black leather leggings, especially when trying to balance soft and edgy styling.  

Speaking of layering, blazers and cardigans are some of our top choices. Vests are on top of our list, too! They not only look amazing thrown over graphic tees, but they also work with flowy blouses. Black or navy blazers go with almost everything.

 Black turtlenecks

This neck-hugging, the form-fitting classic was the go-to top of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Jacky O. The ‘50s loved it for its nerdy, yet sexy appeal. Today, the piece still works and it’s safe to assume it will never go out of style! Get a turtle that is made of clingy spandex blend. Make sure it has a snug fit to your arms, body, and, of course, neck. It won’t just show your shape, but it will also make a scarf unnecessary. We’re certain it’ll keep you cozy day or night. You can wear it tucked into your jeans or untucked over a black pencil skirt, pair of leggings, or flat-front pants - with or without an oversized belt. 

Clean your closet, but still remain calm, chic, and ready for anything with the pieces mentioned above!

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