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Valentines day is one of the most celebrated holiday all over the world. It’s the time of the year where we see a massive number of flower bouquets, chocolates, and gifts exchanged between our loved ones. It’s the day wherein we all want to look our best for that perfect Valentine’s date night. You don’t have to go all the way and buy the most expensive red women’s dresses, We can make your look a notch higher than your usual valentine’s day dressing. Take a look at these amazing Valentine’s date idea and midi dresses adorned by our favorite It girls and let OwnTheLooks help you get that perfect romantic Valentine’s day.


Dinner Date

Nothing completes Valentine’s day like a romantic dinner for just the two of you, whether you are booked in a five-star restaurant or the most luxurious hotel in town. Choose women’s dresses to impress not only your date but the entire swarm. Rania Fawaz chose Maroon Sequined Sleeved Midi Dresses like the one in the photo in deep red ultra-trendy velvet hue. It has long sleeves and bedecked with mini sequins that bring light on your romantic Valentine’s date; a spotlight-stealing dress teams high-watt sequins that is a true show stopper.

 Maroon Sequined Sleeved Midi Dress

Lunch Date

When you opted for an early morning date to watch the sunrise or just skip the usual candle-light dinners and look for options that speak volumes about your personality, we can still stay romantic with flower prints like the lovely Ola Farahat on this Vintage Rose Print Pencil Midi Dress with promising romantic floral print and finished with a sultry strap and sweetheart neckline. Stylish dresses that is similar to this will surely turn on the charm at any affair.

 Vintage Rose Print Pencil Midi Dress


Beach Date

If you want a romantic beach getaway date, make sure that your dress is perfect from dusk till dawn, We upgrades this sumptuous just-for-us dress with posh velvet for a look that makes a statement with bell sleeves and a super soft finish. Fatima Almomen chose this Red Velvet Bell Sleeve Summer Midi Dress that slopes towards siren status. This luxe velvet and ruffled dress is an upgrade in the season’s sumptuously soft velvet trend and makes after-dark dressing a luxurious endeavor. Casting this ruffled and button-front detail midi in soft and sumptuous velvet is a real upgraded take on an effortless wrap silhouette. Women’s dresses like this one is sure to win limitless hugs.


        Red Velvet Bell Sleeve Summer Midi Dress

 Shopping Date

Oh, yes! Ladies, let’s not deny that shopping is more than a stress reliever. Shopping is life, and taking your date on a shopping date is the best thing in the world. If you have a better idea, please let us know. Shopping together can bring out your compatibility level and patience with each other. Wander around book stores, dress shops, and sit through a session of peaceful coffee cup in your city. Fouz Al Fahad chose this Button Detail Peplum Midi Dress. Be the star in any event with this amazing, red kissed gown, a figure flaunting silhouette that boasts a flirty peplum waist and flattering pencil hem. Perfect for the city shopping date that you may also use for some shopping at the flea market, making it a fun way to enjoy and look through different artists and/or musicians together with all the great things happening you might even get a mob proposal.


Button Detail Peplum Dress

Concert Date

Apart from planning on some fun road trips to your rest house or the beach, head to a music or art festival to keep it alive and romantic with Shahad Al Khattab’s Red Lace Sleeved Jumpsuit from OwnTheLooks. This concert-perfect  outfit with valentines  in mind, soft sheer floral lace with soft  tapered trousers in an enchanting silhouette a true modern take on an evening glamour makes a perfect alternative to your little red Valentine’s cocktail woman’s dress. When most dates are often spent with only your partner, we can always take our date into a party ambiance that is rather lively. The perfect time for sharing love a million times.

Red Lace Sleeved Jumpsuit


Even though there are a lot of Christian saints named Valentine, Valentine’s day was taken from a priest who died about 270 CE by emperor Claudius II Gothicus. According to old legend, the priest wrote a letter “from your Valentine” to his warden’s daughter, whom he had befriended and other versions grasp that it was St. Valentine of Terni, a bishop, for whom the day off Valentine’s was named, though it is conceivable the two saints were actually one individual. Another common legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s commands and secretly married couples to save the husbands being sent to war. It is for this reason that his memory is associated with love.

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