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Ladies, there is something undeniably modish about dressing up in monochromes. Broken into Greek roots, the word derives its essence and shows its meaning: mono means one, and chroma means color. Things in nature and our environment that are truly monochromatic are rare, but your outfits do not have to be so rare. So, what exactly is this concept? Basically, in simpler words, it means being dressed from top to bottom in one single color or shade. Sounds fun to style, right? There is only one rule, and it is simple - Just color block your outfit, grab and go.

Layering one color family together creates a visual treat with interesting dimensions and allows you to play up silhouettes, prints, patterns, textures, accessories, and different lengths. We will show you some of our favorite celeb and influencer looks who totally nailed this dressing style. Let us show you how easy it is to OwnTheLooks in singular colors such as red, black, blue and white, which are the most popular when it comes to monochrome dressing. Spice up your ensemble with feisty mono tones, that set all eyes on you. Well, most importantly this way of styling gives you an undue advantage, that is - it makes you look slimmer and definitely taller than you actually are.

Black on black on black is the tried and tested one color look, so we start off with that since it is something that has been existing since the beginning of time. Instagram has seen an upstream of "All Black, Everything Black" looks quite often, and we love them. It is a tried and tested trick to have variety when it comes to the fabrics, to avoid the extreme simplicity of the plain black looks. When you choose your accessories, go with chunky neck pieces or metallic earrings and bracelets as they will definitely stand out. For the shoe part, white is always for the win, since nothing goes better with black than white.

satin black dress with a black clutch and hat

Meghan Markle opts for a satin black dress with a black clutch and hat and offsets the look with white heels

ownthelooks collection

Naeema Almaqbali stuns in the Red Lace Sleeved Jumpsuit from the OwnTheLooks collection. 

As a girl, you must be aware that a thing such as too much pink does not exist. This is our thing, we define pink, it shows our feminine side with a touch of elegance and subtlety. When you go for pink on pink and mix varied textures or patterns, it surely emphasizes the creativity of your outfit along with a modern touch, and at the same time gives some space for girly looks, too. We love an all pink blazer with a white inner and whites’ shoes or the combo of a rouge cute lace peplum top with magenta pants. When you accessorize, do it either with black or white as these go best with the entire pink spectrum.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama slays in the one tonal pink look, with the classy pearl necklace and her beautiful smile. 

The timeless classic and we cannot exist without incorporating this shade. Yes, it is the color white. The closet staple has endless styling possibilities, whether it is tucked into high waist white denim shorts or layered under a slip dress of similar shades. You can never go wrong with white on white. This look is extremely classy, and you can get super artsy and creative. Your accessories will look if they are a gold watch and gold earrings. For the shoes, you can do with bright strappy heels. Nothing screams elegance than an all-white ensemble. Taking this look a bit further you can also wear white sneakers since they have been in vogue since long.

own the look

Sarah Hyland keeping it classy and elegant in her white toned attire. 

Get set ready to be on a visual play of beautiful colors as you own the look. For a variation of the monochromatic theme try just an outfit of distinct shades in the same color family that differs more than just being a deeper or lighter shade of the same color. Which is your favorite color to try the monochromatic theme? We would love to hear from you! 

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