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Whether you know her as Rachel Zane from the extremely popular show 'Suits', or as the lady who stood up for women's rights at a very young age, or as most recently the Duchess of Sussex, she has marked her name under one of the most influential women of the world. We loved her as a Hollywood actress, and we love her as a Royal now. Right from her fancy hats to her simplistic straight cut dresses, we can easily draw inspiration from each her of looks. This year, she has been tagged on the lists of Britain's best-dressed people, praising her for redefining "modern royal style with every subsequent appearance".  From crisp blazers to modish button-down dresses, Meghan Markle quite frequently breaks the internet and has become the fashion world's 'it' girl.

After Prince Harry, her style has seen an upswing of monochromatic and tonal dressing as compared to her looks during her Hollywood career. In an interview with a popular magazine, the Duchess said that she has always favored the French way of styling, where if your outfit is pulled together, then other things have to be in place, such as your hair, and you are make up. She is known to support newbie trending local designers, as well as classic high-end luxury ones. The world has its eyes fixed on every outfit she dons, and ladies like to ape her style. And now that the royal couple is expecting their first child, we cannot wait to check out her maternity looks, and how she dresses up her baby. Here you will see, our favorite looks to Ownthelooks from her wardrobe, while she travels the world. Let us be shebang, let us be more like Meghan.

First things first, we are eagerly waiting to discuss her wedding gown.  Detailed to perfection, and worn with utmost elegance. We saw that it was made to perfection and embroidered with flowers representing the countries of the Commonwealth, along with the California poppy, in honor of Meghan Markle's home state of California, and wintersweet, a flower chosen by her. She chose Waite Keller to create her wedding dress due as the designer could portray her elegant aesthetic and relaxed demeanor. The dress was sought to convey modernity through sleek lines and sharp cuts, and no wonder every girl loved it. 

own the looks

The Duchess in her white wedding ensemble.

Being a royal is a 24 x 7 job, and one has to be prim and proper all the times. Since there are many formal events or official meetings to attend, we have seen a surge of formal wear in Meghan's closet. She sports a combination of blazers and straight cut pants and other business suits. This type of clothing is not only classy but also does project the aura of integrity and professionalism. She often dons some tasteful accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, or belts, as long as they do not overwhelm her overall attire.

ownthelooks uk

She is often seen wearing formals.

Hats are the royal's favorite accessory, and Meghan is no exception. From beret's to fedora's, this beauty's hatdrobe is to die for! Usually, we don hats for derby days or beach days but the Duchess shows us how it can be incorporated with almost any outfit. Whether your style is more bohemian or street style, hats can be played around with in different ways. You can additionally pair them with scarves, as they best go with them. If you are only buying a few hats, make sure you find colors that go with most of the pieces in your wardrobe.


Here she wears a modish brown hat

Dresses are every girl's best friend, and the easiest option to go ahead with. Meghan's dress collection is a true representation of royally fashionable and effortlessly cool pieces. From blazer dresses and asymmetrical midi's to skater dresses and maxi gowns, she wears it all. She usually prefers streamlined dresses with neutral colors and boat neck necklines as they are her go to type. You can embrace your own style by mashing up your own styles, throwing in some accessories and creating your personalized fashion statement. Meghan keeps her look minimal, and wears a classy pendant necklace or statement bangle.

magan markle blue look

The Duchess keeps it classy and simple in an all blue look.

It is tough to always look classy and be photographed every moment, but leave it to Meghan to slay, all looks. If there is a take away here, it is how to westernize your look but the same time be modest. And we believe that no style is better than hers. The best part about her outfits is it isn't restricted to any one size or age group. You don’t need to think much about accessorizing to look your simple best when you know that being classic is the best option. let us know how you get inspired, and use her style sense to OwnTheLooks!

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