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Do you wonder why certain girls look good always regardless of what they’re wearing? They could be wearing a shirt and jeans combo, yet their outfit still comes off as stylish. Most of us think it is from the designer brand names, the help of stylists, and a never-ending supply of luxe dresses and sophisticated clothes; however, there are little items that make or break outfits. 

Pearl Earrings

Here is the secret to appearing incredibly stylish even in basic clothes that fashion-forward women from around the world have mastered: accessorizing. 

Picking the right accessories depending on the outfit is a coveted fashion skill as it separates the well-dressed from the ones who look drab and boring. As soon as you’ve mastered it yourself, we guarantee you will look great whatever it is you are wearing. The best part? You’ll be able to find incredible accessories without breaking the bank. Who doesn’t want to expand a wardrobe and save a couple of bucks at the same time? 

In this article, we’ll help you turn boring to stunning by pairing the right accessories with your OOTDs. So, without further ado, here are tips on accessorizing like the pros: 

 Tip #1: Dress up outfits with large earrings. 

White Round Knot Tassel Earrings

Large earrings are great in dressing up any outfit from casual and laidback to semi-formal and formal. They draw attention towards your face and give it some sparkle. Whether chunky diamond studs are what you prefer or you find 80’s door knockers more of your thing, statement earrings will always add drama and interest to outfits. 

Tip #2: Look tall and lean with long necklaces. 

Layering long necklaces are currently a hot trend. We love them as they create vertical lines which provide the illusion of looking taller and leaner. You can have as much fun as you want with long chains and beaded necklaces, but you have to know a single chunky beaded necklace would be enough! Wear more than one and you will look like you’re in the Mardi Gras. 

Tip #3: Be extra cautious with proportions. 

If you are wearing an outfit that’s big and voluminous, you can scale back on accessorizing. If you are wearing something that is sleek, then go big and bold with chunky pieces or a big and bright handbag.

Tip #4: Don’t forget a belt. 

western belt stud detail

Cinched waists have always been in! Get your flowy dress out of your closet and put it on. See how it looks with when a wide belt is added. It’s like you’ve bought a new dress, am I right? You can also try using brightly colored belts over white tanks and black cardigans not just to emphasize your curves but to add interest onto your outfit as well.

Tip #5: Basic outfits are best with bold accessories.

The more basic your outfit is, the bolder or brighter your accessories should be. An amazing outfit is always about balance. For instance, our favorite combo, shirt and jeans. It’s best paired with polka-dotted flats. As for the accessories, you can use a sparkly pendant necklace. Don’t forget to layer bangles in different kinds of metals. Accessorizing is about adding complexity onto plain looks to balance everything out.

Tip #6: Use accessories in adding pops of color. 

Accessories are great to add color to a plain outfit. The color can be a bright shoe, handbag, scarf or jewelry. Just remember that accessories don’t have to perfectly match in color. They will have a better impact if they’re from similar color families (cool or warm).

 Tip #7: Get accessories that reflect your personality. 

This one is crucial, but it is also fun! When you’re buying accessories online, go for the pieces that you are attracted to that also convey some parts of your personality. 

Tip #8: Mix up the materials. 

Not a lot of people are adventurous enough to mix different jewelry materials, but it is actually encouraged as it’s fabulous and it looks vintage. Don’t be scared of throwing things together – you never know, you might discover some amazing combos!

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