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Who says you cannot wear your luxe fabrics with casual outfits? It's just a matter of mixing and matching. Own the look and live life the luxe way with OwnTheLooks selection of sleek women's tops and stylish accessories with high-class detailing. Here at OwnTheLooks, you can shop our curated selection of various stylish dresses from lace bodycon dresses to chiffon maxi and midi dresses—all trendy women's tops exactly appropriate for all occasions.

We often keep and reserve for special occasions our luxe fabrics like silk, cashmere, and velvet but try to consider them wearing for an everyday stroll as every day is also special. Once in a while, it is a great way to give yourself that special feeling of looking quite elegantly polished.

Check out these OwnTheLooks ideas on how to wear luxe fabrics with everyday outfits if you think doing this is just too ritzy.

Denim is most common fabric we opt to use in most of our clothes. Pair your luxe pieces with denim which is always a surefire way to dress the glitzy piece down. A silk top would become a great street style outfit when paired with cropped slim fit jeans and sleek heels. Denim jeans exhibit a very casual and laid-back vibe to the look—making the silk pieces appear more easygoing.

Silk Copper Tie Neck Sleeved

Silk Copper Tie Neck Sleeved

Opt for simpler silhouettes when shopping for luxe fabric pieces if you want to wear them for everyday outfits. Compared to a very dressy cashmere dress, a velvet sweater hoodie would make a better everyday luxury piece. Silk shirts, leather pants, cotton tank tops are just some everyday pieces you can get in luxury fabrics.

Maroon Velvet Hoodie

Maroon Velvet Hoodie

Own the look and keep up with trends by dressing down a piece made from luxe fabrics is wearing it with trendy women's tops. What is hot right now is being updated with the latest street style trends and style your luxe pieces along with casual items as this will give it more free and easy vibe instead of the intimidating ritz and glitz.

Blue Velvet Double Jewel Button Skirt - ownthelooks

Blue Velvet Double Jewel Button Skirt

From basic look to luxurious look, accessorize with fancy items made of luxe fabrics. Think again if you have thought that you can only wear your silks and velvets on clothes. Indeed, you can find accessories made of silks, laces, and velvets. Sporting these luxe accessory items with everyday clothes is something you can give to yourself to ownthelook that you’ve wanted. Injecting luxe fabrics made accessories is an easy way to add a touch of upscale vibe and elegance to your women's tops.

Red Velvet Belt Bag

Red Velvet Belt bag 

Opting for a wrap style and let the luxe and butter-colored style do the talking then belting uptight and rolling up the sleeves to reveal the satin inner.

Fatima Almomen - Red Sleeved Satin Front Drape Top

Fatima Almomen - Red Sleeved Satin Front Drape Top

Layering luxe pieces for less is also doable when you are a practical shopper. OwnTheLooks offers the most affordable and reasonable fashion clothing to own the look of luxury. It does not mean that when you layer luxe it has to be head-to-toe that sparkles. If you love velvets, metallic leathers, and shimmering satins, these are the easy ways for a stylish luxe look for less.

Feminine velvet styles also make for a great layering piece to a statement leather jacket which is best paired with the classic combo of jeans and a tee in velvet or brocade. Also, leather jackets can be tried on over a cashmere knit or shimmery blouse. Adding leather to your wardrobe just got easier. Pair one of these cool styles with a simple blouse or sweater. For partywear, be bold with the strapless structured dress then wear it with a pretty up-do to really show off your shoulders.

Dress up with an absolute party season must-have! With stone-hued satin over a gold skirt with silver triangle bead embellishments are all you need to make sure all eyes are on you. Take your classic tee to a luxe level with a sleek khaki top with some beautiful embellished beaded designs for a perfect added glamour to your off-duty dressing.

OwnTheLooks features original collections curated by leading influencers in the world of beauty and fashion, bringing you the freshest styles in a simple, easy-to-shop online experience so browse and shop now!

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