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The major Fashion Weeks are over, and we’ve noticed numerous trends that hit the catwalks of New York, Milan, Paris, and London! Trends in ladies’ tops for 2019 are fun, and they scream comfort while sporting an individualistic nature, which we’ve already fallen head over heels with!

Here is a run-down on the new, exciting trends fresh from the runways:



General ‘80s Theme

There’s something flashy about this year as it’s brought the best of the 1980’s fashion in with absolute gusto. Ruched tops, single-shoulder tops, puffy sleeves, vibrant colors, and a lot of embellishments made everyone in the industry feel like they belong in a movie remake!

Add in some forest greens and misty blues, the color trends of 2019, and ‘80s glamour is instantly brought straight to your door and into that stark life of yours.

Off the Shoulders

off shoulder tops

Décolletage is gorgeous and worthy of attention, regardless of when and what you add to the tops, arms, and shoulders; but it gets lovelier as we’ve seen on catwalks from the previous months as it has been used along with extra-long sleeves, asymmetrical skirts, and paneling. We particularly loved voluminous-sleeved, off-the-shoulder cropped tops!

Slouching Everything

own the looks

Loose silhouettes were common in this year’s runways and we’re in love with the comfort it brings! As a bonus: it easily hides excess fat that we might be self-conscious about! For this year’s trends, we’re looking at lots of exaggerations, including baggy tops and oversized dresses and trousers.

Military Fashionable

 A huge trend we’ve seen on the catwalks has been ‘military meets feminism/chic’ look, which combines the strict with totally street-worthy styling. Imagine yourself strutting in a military jacket that’s spruced up to turn into gothic girlish – a dream, isn’t it?

Even the fashion icons who attended the shows donned different variations of the awesome jacket, and they all looked like they’re about to wage a fashion war! It’s safe to say the designers deserve praise for being inventive in making the pieces and decorating them with gold buttons, lots of passementerie, and epaulets that are to die for!

Sassy Sequins 

Who doesn’t love to look flashy and vigorous, turning heads when walking on red carpets or even down the street? Sequins aren’t typically edgy, but it seems like designers got the hang of them and their sparkly nature. The embellishments were used freely in showcasing a cooler creation with tunic tops appearing especially incredible with their shiny silhouettes.

Athleisure and sportswear 

If there’s a ladies’ top trend that reared its head into every show, it would be the sporty, comfortable effects of athleisure wear. Designers rocked the style in nylon parkas, translucent tank tops, and breathy maxis that double as comfortable office wardrobe. 

There’s little to not love about this particular trend as it is all about hiding your body and showing off parts that you’re most comfortable with, allowing both major styling and easy movement. 

In this year’s runways, something became clear about this 2019 trend: sport-inspired looks don’t have to appear like you’re hitting the gym before you head to brunch, especially with a game-ready silken top and shorts combination!

Rolls of Ruffles 

ownthelooks tops

Layers and layers of ruffles became the most commonly seen in this year’s runways, making tops look like adorable cake toppers. Cascading frills are common features, complementing the sleekness of most designs and adding a fun aspect as they play with dimensions and texture. 

Deconstructed Shirting and Modern Shirt Variations 

This is such a huge trend for 2019 that it made us wonder if we’re in an alternate dimension wherein tailors intentionally sew fabrics askew. Nearly every fashion house decided to cut and sew randomly! Some pieces included an intact collar with what appears to have the halves of different shirts that are sewn together. There are also lovelier deconstructed shirtdresses to make you look chic and edgy at the same time.

 As for button-down shirts, they are a classic. We love seeing and wearing them in pure white or with pinstripes. That’s not what’s trending though, as more brands crop them really short and add them with longer-than-usual sleeves. We have to say they look super awesome, especially this summer!

Classic Crop Tops

White Lace Up Flare Sleeve Bolero

It’s been a while since open midriff was in, but it’s making a comeback and with relative ease! Crop tops were trendy back in the ‘80s but then switched to overly lengthy tops. For this year, we’ll be seeing more ladies paring their cropped sweaters and cropped, heavily distressed tops in denim paired with matching skirts and trousers. 

These styles already hit the stores, but there is a good chance they won't be in stock for long. Check out our massive collection NOW to try out the trendy tops of 2019 yourself!

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