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She might be only twenty-one but has sure made a big name for herself in the fashion and beauty industry. From all teenagers to any young adults, girls around the world look up to this beauty mogul. It takes a spectacular fashion sense and an army of people to be red carpet ready, 24 x 7, everywhere. Since she runs a billion-dollar cosmetics and beauty line, most of that money is spent on her clothing to make her look like the ultimate diva. From couture and designer made clothes to smart local picks, this girl knows how to hail in all the looks, and we definitely draw inspo from her. 

What must it take to look this perfect all the time? How does she manage to Ownthelooks always? What does her wardrobe actually look like? We are here to pen down all your questions and answer them today! It is a well-known fact that she always surprises us with her unique dresses, fancy wigs, and entertaining snapchats. No day goes without her posting her lll#ootd or showing us which car, she would be taking out for a spin. It all appears to be so glitzy, full of glamour, but sure does take a lot of effort to conduct oneself this way, especially when the whole world's eyes are on you constantly. Let us dive into what makes her so special and how her style game and fashion sense have evolved over the years.

First up we have Kylie, who wherein a young teen was always seen behind the fame of her older sisters, never hogging the limelight. At that point, her style was more of a girl next door, which consisted of straight cut dresses, and some tops and jackets. This was a phase wherein, whatever she wore was something you would find everywhere locally, as it was not too extravagant but yet looked simple and sweet.


In her late teens, she came off as a more stylish person who sported cute gowns and high heels. She would dress up for the events and wore mullet dresses and jumpsuits. At the ages of sixteen and seventeen, her wardrobe consisted of pencil skirts and flowy dresses. Talk about being classy and looking innocent, we say Kylie clearly knew how to do that. From being sweet sixteen until she was eighteen this was her patent look. 


As she turned eighteen, Kylie completely changed her look, and transformed into the bombshell diva she is today, and she intentionally chose more fierce and bold attires and played with colorful wigs and makeup. Her closet consisted of designer filled luxe clothing and fancy accessories that match her cars (sounds unbelievable but it is true). Knowing the paparazzi follow every move of hers, on a daily basis with fans ready to jump on social media the second they see their latest fashion choice, she wants them to replicate it in the best way possible. Being the youngest billionaire is not so easy, as you have to look prim and proper to be snapped at all times by the media and fans. From latex dresses to sporty athleisure clothing, she knows how to own the look in every outfit. 

own the looks

In her early twenties, she delivered her first kid, Stormi Webster. Kylie channeled more of the oomph factor, despite giving birth to a baby. From statement mini dresses to latex body cons, she likes to try every style. Her collection of suede biker jackets and trendy sneakers seem to be endless. Talk about trying what is in vogue, and we instantly think how would Kylie Jenner pull this off? She is the most Insta famous celebrity known for her millennial influences and pulling off varied looks. According to the youngest sibling of the Kardashian - Jenner clan, nailing a signature look does not mean wearing the exact same outfit in various shades, instead, it is about figuring out your overall vibe and carrying that with you like your wardrobe changes. As a young mommy, we often find her twinning with her little daughter Stormi. How adorable is that? 


Kylie Jenner with her daughter Stormi Webster 

According to reports, it takes Kylie's team 15 hours every day to create her wardrobe for her shoots and Instagram looks, but here we are most likely to dedicate not more than fifteen minutes over one outfit. And that is perfectly okay because you can draw inspo from her styles, and play around and recreate them in a manner that you like. Not to forget her style is also a compilation of looks from fashion shows, chick flicks or couture catwalks which are easily accessible to us. Just be happy with what you wear, because it is most important to be comfy and own the look while you are at it! :)

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