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Dressing up is your way of packaging yourself and what you wear, your attire speaks volumes before you open your mouth.  Choosing the right clothes (e.g trendy women’s dresses) can sometimes be challenging during shopping time. Women opt to go around the entire boutique first before picking out the right pieces that they want to buy. Well, it is indeed and proven that we, women are picky and finical when we need to decide.

Which one should I wear? What style do suits my body? Those are the questions that most of the time runs in our minds when in doubt. Since there are a lot of women dresses available at the malls and dresses and skirts online in shop blogs and online shopping portals, we tend to end up buying so many garments just to satisfy our cravings of having new fashion items (like for example, stylish dresses and stylish skirts) just to own the looks and follow the trends introduced by the designers and magazine editors.

It is also expected for a woman to always look stylish and fab in every chance and in every occasion. Wearing the right clothes and combined smart-fashionable dressing is a plus when you want to get noticed and be complemented by other people.

Each woman has her own characteristic— own facial features and own body shapes and proportions. When choosing an outfit, women must know how to accentuate and emphasize the most flattering part of her body. Most of the time, at first glance, the noticeable part of every clothing item is its neckline, where the eyes draw attention at the center of the outfit.

The neckline makes most all of the difference between a look and comfortability while flattering your upper part of the body including the face, and the bottom part that accentuates less-than-perfect parts. Choose the right outfit that is without a doubt can flatter most of your body parts in the whole package. Consider fashion tricks that would make your look appearing taller, slimmer and appealing. Look for necklines that would complement your body frame, comfort, and wardrobe in totality.

Familiar with ‘Plunging’ and ‘V’ necklines? Neckline has the ability to make you ‘slightly look’ lighter and remove pounds and give an air of sophistication and comfort. Boat-neck, halter-neck and strapless are the other neckline styles that will surely become your good options.

Factor your bust size, your height, your face shape and your neck length to determine which neckline that fits you most. You must learn some of the neckline guides by reading this article to discover which neckline works for you and which one should be avoided for your frame. For the plus size women, no worries as this guide are also applicable for you.

White V-Strap Front Bow Detail Peplum Top

V-Neckline gives vertical emphasis to the outfit, creating a longer, taller and leaner silhouette that is universally flattering and popular for all figures. V-neck creates a balanced look by drawing the eye upward to the face and while enhancing the neck and elongating the body. Women who has broad shoulders, short necks and having thick torsos, we at OwnTheLooks suggests this neckline to you. V-neck also flatters everybody shapes whether you are skinny, petite or plus-size. For those women who are having large bust, can also opt for this V-neck cut.

Black and White Striped Cold-Shoulder Collared Cross-Over Shirt

Black and White Striped Cold-Shoulder Collared Cross-Over Shirt

Pear-shape women can look for a shirt dress with plunging V-neck which can be revealing and look alluring. On the other hand, the high-V neck can make a large bust emphasized.

Necklace Suggestion:

Opt for a necklace with a contrasting shape, having a round pendant or combination of bead strand. Make sure to wear it slightly above the V, or quite below the V.

Yellow Cotton Off-The-Shoulder Cinched Pleat Top

Yellow Cotton Off-The-Shoulder Cinched Pleat Top

is also known as princess cut neckline or bateau neckline. Boatneck is perfect for balancing wide hips and softly following the curves of the collarbone up to the shoulders to become visually wider. Women with long necks and smaller heads must choose this neckline style for both to look wider. And for girls with broad shoulders, this neckline cut will make it look even broader.

Necklace Suggestions:

It is the best to pair it with a long pendant necklace piece having long string or two beads perfect for this neckline. Collar necklace with small precious stone or an iconic design element charm that hangs lightly lower than your neckline.

We hope that this article helped you in identifying the correct neckline for you. It is best to know which particular neckline and jewelry that both can enhance the stylish effect of the entire look. Always make a habit to check first the neckline before buying a dress. Browse the OwnTheLooks page, for more clothing options and neckline ideas. Confidence is the key to pulling off any kind of outfit and look for comfort in its most elegant way. Stay fashionista!

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