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In life, there are always two types of people. The ones who love neon and the ones who detest it. Isn't it? After all these years, this color group still manages to trend today with its loyal fashion fan base. A few years back, it had rapidly entered our closets where we went on a ''all neon, everything neon'' kind of a mantra and then it vanished as rapidly. Again, after all this time, now this year for the spring collections, we see it making a potential comeback. Phew! What an erratic journey cause we, till date cannot make up our minds. Despite so much history, we yet do not know which side to bide. Just when you thought that you could get rid of all your neon's, it comes right back knocking on your wardrobes. To be honest, we did miss some of the lime green, bright yellow, unmissable hot pink and flame struck orange.

Is it a love - hate kind of a relationship? Maybe we will know today when we pick out the most popular and happening shades of the neon family that will highlight the fashion essentials in your clothing and will either make a mark or be left out. So, what exactly are neon shades? They are simply all your regular colors with a touch of florescence. Yes, it is that simple, and yet gives out a very radiant shade altogether. The most famous ones come in neon - pinks, greens, yellows and blues. Is your closet going to shine brighter than the sun? Let us find out! Below is your guide to style bright hue and own the looks in them.

Pink is cute, it is feminine, gorgeous and lively. So that is definitely a win when it comes to its neon shades. This has been popular ever since, and can be best teamed with dark shades as it brings out maximum florescence. We love it cause, it can bring your dull outfits to live, or spice up your existing outfits as it will definitely make you the center of attention. So, when you are bored of wearing the same black dress you can change it by adding a mix of neon. Now is your chance to bring a change in that arena. 

own the looks

Farhana Bodi wearing neon pink with the Black Faux Leather Biker Dress Set from the OwnTheLooks collection 

Orange is the new black, oh yes, it is. And the most coveted celebs and influencers wear it to make a show stopping entrance. Orange neon's are a hit especially during the day time, and can be worn to work places, brunches and casual sun downer parties. It is a gorgeous luminous shade, and is meant to stand out and should not be paired with other colors. So as always, zesty and tangy hues are always for the win. Seriously, what better way to make a statement, right? 

own the looks

Kim Kardashian West slays in her monochromatic neon orange look 

How about when we tell you that, you can eat your citrus and wear it too. No, we are serious about this one. Lemon and lime neon’s suit when you get a good tan on your body and the color gets even more enhanced. We certainly do not mind the highlighter hue all that much and, done in the right way, yellow, will always stand out. The tone can freshen up any lack luster outfit and add instant sass. You could wear neon yellow as a part of your bottoms, where the top part is kept simple but the overall outfit is popping. It makes for the perfect day wear clothing. 

own the looks

Bella Hadid sports a formal neon yellow ensemble


We know the standard shades that fall into this family of neon's, but what if we told you there exists neon purple! Yes, it is a tad bit unusual and might be difficult to scout for, but makes an amazing evening time outfit. It certainly brings out the luminescence and can be used with darker clothes to color block perfectly. A striking purple or violet shade can also be teamed with flower prints and other lace embroidery. And the best part being, with such a shade you can do with subtle pops of neon or beam entirely in different shades of it. 

own the looks Maya Williams

Maya Williams color blocks perfectly with her neon purple sweater 

It is safe to say that this year will definitely see a wave of neon colors and history will repeat itself as people will adopt it. There are several ways to style it, for your street style, work wear, evening outings, and formal affairs. We suggest you stock up on a few of neon outfits and accessories or bring out your old neon collection because it is time to own the looks while you get onto the trend train.

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