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Grrrr!!! It is so cold, as the temperatures drop, we immediately put our hoodies and gloves on. For the winter season, we are big believers of two things, hot chocolate with cookies and wearing the comfiest, coziest clothes that we can get our hands on. There are so many different fabulous looking prints and colors to choose from as you decide to lounge on your sofa and snuggle in, or go for a quick grocery run or maybe choose this style for your long flights. That is why it is crucial to know the best ways and styles to pick your kinda your loungewear. Do you want to know how to OwnTheLooks in these clothes? How is it that celebs and influencers are so hooked on to it to own the look?

What exactly is this style? Where does it stem from? Loungewear used to be something that could only be worn indoors, but now you do not even have to think twice about leaving the house wearing it. The Financial Times describes it as “clothing that is sleep inspired but not limited to the bedroom.” Sounds like a cool concept, right?

So what items make it to this list? Well, anything that you find comfy will do, but there are certain looks that we give a big thumbs up to. Oversized hoodies and flowy track pants do the trick well. These can also be worn as active wear during exercise and other days to day activities. A day off to just Netflix and chill, calls for this type of a relaxed outfit. Pair the look with cute fur sliders and the type of fashion that you strive to exude will be nothing short of a classy, well put together ensemble.

ownthelooks ola farahat

Ola Farahat serving us looks in the Bright Yellow Oversized Hoodie from the OwnTheLooks collection.

But what if you wanna grab a quick croissant with your coffee? What would be more cafe inspired with a touch of loungewear? Yes, you guessed it correctly! Wearing a striped T-shirt with your yoga pants. That is the way to look super chilled out and fabulous. It all comes down to finding T-shirts that are a loose fit but are the right size for you. Although we all know toga pants are not classified as pants, despite how comfy they can feel, they can make it to your cafe and supermarket visits. Do a bit more with this look, by adding a small sling bag, and wear oversized sneakers.

rainbow inspired striped T-shirt

Selena Gomez looks like a treat in her rainbow inspired striped T-shirt and her well done messy bun

As ice belongs to cream, and the sun is to the day, in the same way, we ship jogger pants and tank tops. What can be a better combo? This is a very recent way of dressing for cool breakfasts and brunch's or for a day out to the cinema. Keep it low key, but stay significant. Speaking of comfort, you might have noticed that many influencers around the world have started to combine comfort with style, creating amazing looks with loungewear. If you want to be street style ready and carry off-duty looks, this is your go-to outfit. You could wear strappy heels, or opt for wedges. Brownie points, if you accessorize with a cool cap or a cute neck piece.  

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian looks picture perfect in her tank top and jogger pant combination 

Keep the best for the last, and that is what we have exactly done. Since dressing down is the new dressing up, we are finally addressing this look. It is perfectly acceptable in the fashion world when you wear a hoodie and a track pant or sweat pant of the same shade together. Loungewear is the name of the game, and everyone seems to have adapted to it. When executed well, dressing monochromatically as you wear the hoodie and pant, can be a real head turner. We love it cause looking cute while feeling relaxed could not have come in an easier way. Throw on a fanny pack, and you are gonna look nothing less than a jet-setter.


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