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Whether it is going to be your first experience with the shade or it is already your favorite hue, we will show you exactly how you can wear it best way possible and nailing the hottest fashion trend of the season.

Red All Over

red dress 

Daring fashionistas and extroverts will love the red trend of the season. Wearing red all over will be a very bold look, but it is currently on-trend which means it is incredibly stylish. If there’s the best time to wear red trousers with a top, blazer, and pair of shoes that are also in red, it is now! There are several ways for you to wear the look. Consider a jacket and bottom in matching shades. Mix things up using a top that is either darker, lighter, or patterned. 

Red Bottoms 

red bottoms

It is not a problem if you are not yet ready to going red all over. Just focus on your legs. Opt for red trousers or a skirt as it can still help in creating a statement style and you won’t feel like you are going over the top. You can maintain balance with your look but remember that your legs are the focus of this particular outfit. 

This means you should complete your look using classic designs and basic colors. Something that’s as simple as red jeans paired with a crisp white shirt and black sneakers will look seriously chic. 

Red Accessories 

red accessories

Don’t shy away with this trend, especially if it is because you prefer neutral color palettes. What is great with red-hued accessories is they are so versatile, plus they can be tailored specifically to suit everyone. If you are not quite feeling the need to rock an all-red outfit, you can opt for the accessories instead. Because of their bold hue, fiery outfit finishing touches such as these can already make a statement and you still won’t appear too intense. Remember: stick to a few pieces and also keep your outfit neutral to maintain balance to your look. 

Red with Denim 

If you are on the lookout for the best way to bring some spice to your weekend denim look, consider injecting some trendy hue into it. Simply by adding a few items in red to your outfit, you will make your ensemble infinitely trendier and more stylish even when it is casual. 

Just pre-select the items or pieces that will be in a fiery hue. Dresses, coats, and jumpers can all work, but consider rocking gingham shirts as well, especially in this vibrant color. Gingham is also trendy this season, so combining both will be a win!

Red Gingham Button Up Top and White Skirt 2 piece set Set

Red with Pink 

Red is a dramatic and intense hue, but it’s also chic and romantic. In order for you to sport this trend while retaining a flirty and feminine aesthetic, pair your favorite pieces in red with pink. The combination helps create a fashionable and contemporary look. Although it is often thought that pink and red don’t go together, we are here to tell you they do! A pastel pink midi skirt with a bright red top is a must-try. 

Red Sweaters

With the winter season just around the corner, what better way for you to warm yourself than with a trendy red sweater? It won’t just keep you warm, but its color will also make you look hot. Style the piece and nail the look with relaxed elegance by pairing it with a pair of nude cigarette trousers. It’ll pair perfectly with that red sweater of yours. For the finishing touch, slip on a pair of leopard print mules and a skinny belt. It’s the surefire way of looking understated and glamorous at the same time.

red sweater

Red Coats 

This trend still works even in cold weather! As a matter of fact, we don’t wait for it to be trendy as we already love red coats and jackets. They’re chic outfit additions that turn up the style and drama of looks. If you want an effortless, yet impressive ensemble, opt for a red leather jacket, trench coat, blazer, or cape as it’s sure to be eye-catching and bold. Keep other items to your outfit minimal and subdued. Black pants, block heels, and a turtleneck sweater will do just the trick.  

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