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It is a lot easier when you know what fashion pieces would work best for your body shape. The idea is the way you dress should flatter your body no matter what shape or size you are. However, it is unfortunate to some women distort their looks by wearing the wrong type of outfit. Most women also seem to think that the way they see stylish dresses on the models or on mannequins would look exactly the way it will look once we don on them.

That's where OwnTheLooks steps in. We won’t be doing your tailoring, but we have crafted a simple guide to women's dresses that flatter each and every body type. OwnTheLooks is here to assist you to Own the look that you desire by offering the most trendy womens dresses, like our wide range selection of Midi dresses and one-of-a-kind set of stylish dresses that you can choose from. Browse OwnTheLooks page and shop for dresses and skirts online. Own the look that celebrates your curves, your height and or your lack of either. This style guide will help you find the perfect fit for you! 

Now, let’s determine your body type:

Ballerina. Well, most of the women are fans of the mantra "if you got it, flaunt it" and when it comes to the ballerina body this means owning your height and lean figure with something like this season's slim midi dresses. Take a straight-lined dress that will skim your athletic frame which can further be complemented by the high-neckline detail.

Carrot. If your legs are lean and long and to balance the proportions of your broader shoulders, opt to look for a drop-waist womens dresses that have a heavy dose of pleating towards the bottom. This style will give a trick of making it wider and create movement at the bottom thus adding a bit more width to your lower half while drawing the eyes to your other best assets.

Hourglass. The bread and butter of the hourglass curve lady is a wardrobe having that classic fit and flare. Trendy womens dresses with essential silhouettes that mimics your own proportions are the most flattering to your bombshell shape. Just be creative with prints, textures, and colors. And trusty style will always feel fresh.

Black Heavy Lace Sleeved Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

Black Heavy Lace Sleeved Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

Long Torso. Wearing a shift dress with a slightly box-type shape is perfect for making a trick for the eye to look about where your hips begin or end. For women with a long torso, this dress creates a bit more symmetry between your upper and lower body. Check out for short hem that will make your legs look elongated, too.

Petite & Compact. Searching for the perfect fit piece can often be a challenging scene for ladies on the small size. But, don't worry, micro dresses and skirts on a petite lady are usually a good standby. A boxy shape dress will also add a bit of bulk to your figure without over emphasizing your size.

Small Chest. Eyeing of wearing a backless dress or plunging V neckline? Well, some trends work, especially for the small-bust set. For this season it's the pleats that run all the way down, emphasizing the length of your body.

Beige and White Plaid Knit Sleeved Midi Dress

Beige and White Plaid Knit Sleeved Midi Dress

Pear. The trick of finding the perfect pear-cut dresses and skirts to search for one that could accentuate your smaller upper body and be honoring your amazing curves below. OwnTheLooks recommend something that fits in the bodice with a full, midi-length skirt. Your bottom features will fill out the dress in a way that is neither tacky nor so covered up that your shape won’t show through when you swash.

Busty. For the “gifted” ladies, it is quite difficult to find a fit that is comfortable across the chest and can define in the waist. Tied-at-the-waist stylish dresses are your saving grace fashion pieces. Choose a dress or a skirt with a size that fits across your bust most comfortable style. Adjust the sash to fit and make your waist look smaller at the midsection. Trust us, this provides a fit that is so body flattering and you would always want to live in this silhouette.

Black and White off the shoulder Tiered Ruffle Skirt Midi Dress

Mina Al Sheikhly - Black and White off the shoulder Tiered Ruffle Skirt Midi

Apple. Shop for dresses and skirts online that don’t hug the midsection of your body too tightly. Opt to wear a droopy-waist dress that gives the best of both worlds. Choose a piece that accentuates the waist before flaring out to a fuller skirt. The ruffles or pleats will keep the look delicate and extra feminine.

Short Torso. A drop waist dress drops the appearance of your waist if you’re a short-torso'd lady. But, we specifically love the flip out at the end, creating a version providing a long column shape of your upper body yet another lengthening trick that accents the hem with a flare. So perfect for thoughtful amount of frill.

Green Check Collared Drop Waist Midi Dress


Green Check Collared Drop Waist Midi Dress

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