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Another day, another millennial who is making it to the global news headlines. First, she was the one who broke the internet as she had the most liked picture on Instagram and now, it comes as no big surprise to us, that Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan, has become the youngest billionaire in the world as of this moment. Having accumulated an estimated $US one billion ($1.4 billion) at the young age of twenty-one, this makeup mogul is sure a part of the most breaking news everywhere and putting the world into a frenzy by getting featured on the cover page of Forbes. Even with strong headwinds, resourceful and relentless entrepreneurs found new ways to get rich, and Kylie made her way to this list, leaving everyone awestruck.

Kylie comes from the Kardashian family which rose to fame for all the controversial reasons but today they are known as the queens of reality TV and the top female entrepreneurs in America, who each run their own business. Kylie has bagged the title of 'the world's youngest self-made billionaire' which comes as a bit of a shock since she is not entirely self-made. The debate yet lies, since people believe that her family was already famous and gave her the backing and support and funds required to kick start her business. Once she was provided with the opportunity, she made history. So how did it all start? What is her journey? What is the main source of income for this makeup and fashion guru? Let us find out!

With a humongous following of one hundred and thirty million followers, Kylie entirely made use of her Instagram and other forms of social media to showcase every little detail of her daily life and be the youth sensation that she is today. From daily OOTDs and makeup tutorials to displaying her collection of designer shoes, bags and clothing, she paved her way for the most loyal following that kept supporting her account. This was the best form of entry to commence business by making use of social media.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner looks sharp and dapper in her snakeskin attire for the cover of Forbes.

Kylie initially started off as a TV artist as she was an integral part of the hit reality series - Keeping Up With Her Kardashians, where since a young age she shot along with her family. And therefore it gave her a platform to become a  famous face by the time she had reached her teens. This is when her income streak actually began. She started off in her late teens with several endorsements with big beauty, makeup, clothing and lifestyle brands and went on to make guest appearances on TV shows and in popular music videos. Post these gigs, she and her sister Kendall, started their own clothing line for young girls, called 'Kendall and Kylie', wherein they released trendy clothes, season by season worldwide. Till date, they run this venture together and also collaborated towards releasing a game called 'The Kendall and Kylie Game' that can be downloaded as an application on your smartphones. She also produced and acted in her own reality series called 'Life of Kylie', where she gave her viewers an insight into what goes on in her own life and family.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, sisters forever and business tycoons always

But none of these income streams compare to the one mega cash cow, and that of course is Kylie Cosmetics. She started it with the insecurity about her own lip size and used it as an inspiration to create lip kits for girls. These debuted in 2015 and sold out within a minute. Yes, just one minute! In the first eighteen months, the company generated $4.2 million in revenue. Kylie Cosmetics maintains its reputation as an individually funded and self-run company. The brand started with pop up stores, was seen on the shelves of high-end beauty brands and became a hype globally. If you own a product from Kylie's cosmetic brand, it immediately gives you a status symbol and her loyal fan base would help her get sold out every time the website had a new collection that was released.

 world's youngest self made billionaire

Kylie on the Forbes cover as of March 2019.

So what in this perfect scenario could be questionable? After being tagged as Forbes, 'youngest self-made billionaire', people thought it would be unfair to not give credit to her famous family and privileged upbringing. Yes, we leave it up to you whether you think she actually deserves this title or someone else does? We can at least be happy, that this power lies within young women. Let us know what do you think about making it to the billionaires' list.

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