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Trick or Treat? Spooky or Spunky? Dress or Costume? The choices and endless, but the clock is ticking. Time is limited so ladies if your Halloween costume planning has not yet begun, it is time to get your looks in order to slay the parties. You must have already Pinterest-ed and saved all the fall recipes, fixed your dates to go for pumpkin picking and chosen all the festive decor and accessories, so now we need to venture into the costume and dressing up the game. Let us revamp some of the retro outfits into what is popular today that puts together a strong ensemble to enhances your individual personality.

Halloween activities are so much fun and we look forward to them as they include stuff such as trick or treating, carving pumpkins into jack o lanterns, lighting bonfires, and roasting s'mores, playing scary pranks, visiting haunted houses, telling scary stories, watching horror films and mainly attending Halloween costume parties. Let us rummage through some celeb #costumegoals of the previous years and recreate those attires for ourselves. It is time to 'creep it real' and OwnTheLooks while you are at it. There is still time to assemble the perfect look with ideas that are simple, quick and are classy. 

First up we have the classic hospital nurse or captain of the ship costume. This is the one which is the most basic and easy to dress up. People who are not sure till the last minute can easily go ahead with any one of these. All you need is a white shirt and skirt and nurse's or captain's hat to pair it all up. You can also wear a beret hat. Beneath the skirt, do wear dark fishnet leggings, for a more modest look. You could wear high heels or wedges to complete the look. Carry a simple yet small sling bag along.

Alessandra Ambrosio wears a grey captain costume

Alessandra Ambrosio wears a grey captain costume with black stockings and heels.

The next one is cute, adorable, irresistible and most importantly delicious! Yes, you read that correctly, now you can be your favorite snack and eat it too. What better than dressing up as your favorite food item? You go, girl, be adorable and edible! In the past years, we have seen an upstream of people dressing up as their favorite junk food items. It is simple, choose any snack, for example, sushi roll, french fries, a candy bar, or a pizza slice. Go with the theme colors of the snack, and dress accordingly. For this look, we suggest it is best not to accessorize with additional items, as you want to keep it clear what you represent.

ownthelook-Katy Perry

Katy Perry looks delicious in her Mcdonalds French Fries snack costume.

If you are like us and choose comfort over everything else, it is best to opt for Onesies this Halloween. This one-piece clothing item is super snuggly and goes perfectly with a goofy theme. The most popular ones being pandas and bears, pizza slices, Minnie mouse and colorful unicorns. Wear comfy shoes such as sneakers or other sports shoes so that you can be relaxed on the go. You can also opt for block colors with only the smallest of details, such as contrasting waist ties, zips or cuffs or a subtle print.  Onesies cannot be limited to any one age or fashion group. from commoners to Instagram influencers, we have seen them all don this comfy wear. 

Cara Delevingne looks

Cara Delevingne looks adorable in a panda onesie.

And at last, we have the Super Woman Costume. Not all superheroes wear capes but we do feel a sense of empowerment while dressing up as one of them. The most popular ones being the Wonder Woman costume and the Power Rangers. With great outfits, comes great responsibility to make sure that you are okay with wearing one of these. They should not get in the way of you having fun. You can uplift your appearance with stilettos and smart cross body bags.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham stuns in a Wonder Woman costume

These costumes and outfits that are related to different themes can be pieced together from items you already own. Make note that some amazing ones out there that are not comfortable after a while, so you must always strive for longevity for the night and be okay with what you wear, as it is most important to have fun. they key tip is to get creative with unique ones from those items that will really make your look fun. Additionally, throw on some colored wigs, and body paint and play around with your make up. All these tricks will help you OwnTheLooks, this Halloween Season. :)

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