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Before we break down which earrings will work finest for your particular face profile and what will work best on a plain midi dress or a fun printed summer maxi dress, let's have a look at why earrings are your ideal upgrade this summer.

They're one of the earliest ornamentation human beings used and continue to be extremely popular. Up to 80 percent of women have pierced ears.

We can all wear a ring, necklace or a bracelet, but earrings bring the focus to your already gorgeous face. They help brighten up your smile and add a certain something to your entire look.

Now let’s discuss which one to choose, let's find out which ones are best for you.

Own The Looks got the guide to each and every woman's face shape, Women’s Dresses and Women’s personality. We got the perfect earrings to match!

Choose Earrings Based on Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays an important factor in choosing the right earrings. Generally, the law of symmetry will ask us to pick the shape opposite your face shape.


Oval faces mostly have foreheads that are as wide as the cheekbones. The face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape. Women with oval shaped faces are the luckiest that they can wear almost every style of earring. one of the most striking looks for those with an oval shaped face are oval shaped dangling earrings.


Round shaped faces are exactly as it was described, the widest point is across the cheek area, narrowing some at the forehead and jaw line. Ladies with round shaped faces look finest in long angular styles. Dangling and teardrop styles are also great choices which help to elongate the face.


Heart shaped faces usually have a forehead that is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks narrow down to the chin.  To draw the attention to the jaw line, long earrings will be most flattering


Square shaped faces do not slim down much from the cheekbone to the forehead, nor from the cheeks to the jaw line.  We advise to select earrings with rounded designs to soften the cheekbones and the jaw line.


Similar to square shape face only longer. Long dangle earrings add softness also minimize the length of very narrow faces. We recommend dangle earrings with elongated curves.

Choose Earrings Based on Your Hair Color & Length

Technically there are no set rules for choosing earrings based on hair color, so we let the law of contrast prevail, if you have blonde or a more golden hair color, gold earrings may be more flattering on you than silver. And dark-haired women tend to find silver and platinum to be more complimentary. If you have red/ burgundy hair, gold is striking, but you may want to venture into rose gold which We think looks stunning on most brunettes.

When selecting and earing based on your hair length, long haired ladies should try long dangling earrings with bright colors or sparkles and shines, if you are short hair and your ears are always exposed your choices are endless.

Choose Earrings Based on Your Personality

Selecting the perfect pair is as enjoyable as selecting your next shoe or midi dress, earrings makes a statement, it should represent who you are, Sweet, Sophisticated or punk it is a flattering way to enhance your wardrobe.

Take a look at some of the hottest Summer  Earrings from Own the Looks

Three Hoop Earrings

Three Hoop Earrings

Three Hoop Earrings

Dima Al Sheikhly got the summer style classic is hoop earrings with a twist these earrings are thrice the fun and playfulness.

These hoop earrings are also versatile, small hoops for formal and large hoops when you're partying with friends.

Keep hoop earrings in classic materials such as gold and silver. These materials will definitely cut the time of selecting the right piece because it will match with every outfit and are perfect for every occasion.


Red Oval Wood Earrings

Red Oval Wood Earrings

Red Oval Wood Earrings

Ola Farahat on got us all jealous on this Red Oval Wood Earrings from Own The Looks paired with her stunning summer floral midi dress. When you have all of these fun colors in a women’s dress, your jewelry should also have vibrant hues.

Pearl Drop Earrings


Pearl Drop Earrings

When your face is as beautiful as Fatima Almomen and the sunshine illuminating your face, you need a little something to really make your face stand out. These Pearl Drop Earrings add a touch of color and style to your visage, resulting in enhanced beauty. keep a collection of drop earrings in unique materials and bring them out each summer.

Choose classic materials such as pearl white and gold for those summer formal wear.


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