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If you are a girl, you know that there was at least some point in your life, for sure when you would have had an 'all pink, everything pink' phase. Whether you imagined yourself as the pink power ranger or as blossom from the power puff girls, this color has always been mainly known as the most 'girly' shade that can ever exist. It has always been associated with bubble gum, daisy flowers, cute frocks, little girls, cotton candy, and also been a feminine way of expressing sweetness or innocence in the style of women's dresses. Since it is a combination of the colors, red and white, this hue can be described as a tint. Today we will show you how this color can be used in daily life to help you OwnTheLooks as it will portray a sweet and simple look. 

According to the science of colors, it is known that it is the color of positivity in many countries and is considered as an auspicious symbol for new beginnings during grand occasions. It does not matter if you add pink to your clothing, makeup or shoe wardrobe, irrespective of these, it adds a pop of a freshness and makes you look pleasant. Never forget girls, this color is linked to our childhood but even today it makes us look quite youthful. From rouge and rose to magenta and hot pink, we will show you how to own the look, in all of these. Get ready and repeat it after me, '' On Wednesday's, we wear Pink.'' 😊

First up we have the Pink Blazer! Yes, a blazer that is meant to be formal but at the same time does indicate a strong message of, 'here comes the girl boss'. Wear within a plain white shirt and black formal pants or a black pencil skirt beneath. This attire is perfect for a boardroom meeting or a fancy rooftop brunch. Add a classy clutch bag, and wear a pair of stilettos or high heels. 



Shay Mitchell in a hot pink blazer and black leather shorts

We all at least have one pink dress that screams 'brunch this Sunday?' What can be better than sporting a cute taffy shade dress while you go for a rendezvous with your girlies? Time to put on these outfits, click some selfies and sip on some Prosecco. Pair a pink dress with tan or nude wedges and throw on a dark-colored sling bag. You could also add a chunky watch or a cute pendant to complete your look.

ownthelooks collection

Aya Fawzy dolled up in the Striped Pink Lace Tiered Ruffle Sleeved Maxi Dress


Onesie, I mean what - can - get - cuter - than - that? Like honestly? Super comfy and adorable, we totally are gonna convince you to especially buy the pink and purple themed unicorn onesie. You can wear it to a costume party or for a chilled day at home while you relax on your sofa and binge on some popcorn. You absolutely do not have to hassle about accessorizing while donning these. From Ariana Grande to Khloe Kardashian, all the girls swear by and obsess over these. Just put on your most basic white converse shoes or sneakers and you are good to go. We suggest throw on a cute hair and to complete the entire look.

ownthelook  Ariana Grande looking cute as ever in a pink onesie 


Let us now move on to the class pink staple or more like a ‘must have’ that should be a part of any girl’s closet. Yes, we are talking about pink yoga pants. These pants are not just restricted to your yoga sessions but are also friendly for your local grocery run. A pink pant will definitely make you look bubblier and more youthful. Pair these with a plain tank top or spaghetti top. Whether you prefer baby pink or bold colors like magenta, they all reflect a sense of a young look. Go with the flow and carry a cute backpack. 




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