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black sweater

Cold weather is an incredible time for layering with your favorite clothes; however, you’ll need more than just being warm as the weather gets cold and that is to look cool, trendy, and stylish as well. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide for you on how to still look great while staying warm. Check out these simple tricks: 

Tip #1: Camel, black, and white are always chic. 

When in doubt, stick to camel, black, and white. An outfit that consists of these colors or any one or two will always look and make you feel stylish. Just as long as the white is a true white (not warm, yellow, or off white) and the black is black. 

Tip #2: Clean up your winter sweaters. 

pink sweater

More often than not, feeling chic in winter is hard as your outfits mostly consist of cozy sweaters, which can make you feel a little disheveled. When your sweater is a bit too fuzzy or a tad bit too haggard, it is guaranteed to make your confidence drop especially when you sit next to a person on the bus or train wearing a tailored sweater. 

Look for loose threads or pulls in every single one of your sweaters and use a needle or thread in pulling them through and pushing them inside where they can’t be seen. There is also a sweater shaver you can purchase in department stores and trust us when we say this tool is life-changing. Some people use razors in cleaning winter sweaters but this increases the likelihood of sweaters getting damaged, especially if you are too rough. 

Tip #3: Use pointed shoes in elongating your leg. 

Winter and heels do not mix well unless you want to fall on your bum! Get the elongating benefit of heels without the safety risk with a pair of pointed-toe shoes. 

Boots with pointed toes are becoming widely popular as they are both flattering and versatile. You can pair them with everything from dresses with nylons to skinny denim. They’re available in different lengths as well with more budget-friendly versions available in the market.

Another style hacks this winter: keep pointed toe flats right under your desk at the office or try them as your alternative to a pair of heels with less slipping and falling on wet floors. Get a black pair as they are versatile and can be paired with anything from joggers and trousers to dresses, skirts, and skinny jeans. 

Tip #4: Match your beret or hat to your jacket. 

black blazer

We love this trick in looking chic and stylish. Match your jacket to your hat and you will eliminate the feeling of looking too casual or too young with a covering on your head. Our favorite influencers, Ola Farahat and Reem Alsanea, have found that the feeling will change once you match the color of the jacket and hat. Instead of appearing like a winter topper that we all have been looking since childhood, follow the tip for an intentional chic ensemble. 

We often think winter hats have to cover our entire heads and ears, and it is true if it is very cold out. However, for a day that’s not so bone-chilling, a hat made of wool will be enough in keeping you warm. We love wide-brimmed styles and fedoras, which are more popular options. 

Tip #5: Keep a style formula in your pocket 

Have you also found yourself feeling like you have not aced in the winter styling department? If so, then all you have to blame is the lack of foresight. You have crafted an outfit but topped it with a pair of boots that shouldn’t be worn that day because you ran out of the door in such a rush. Rejoice all science lovers as the trick in making sure this never happens to you again is to keep a style formula on ready so you know exactly what you are going to grab at the last minute as you bundle yourself up and run off the front door. 

We suggest you start with your trousers or bottoms, whether it is a pair or a pair of pants or tights. Have some shoe and jacket combinations lined up that match each one? With this trick, if you are wearing black skinny jeans, you would already know you are going to wear a beige jacket and black boots. If you are wearing nylons, you already know you are going to wear your denim jacket and over-the-knee pointed-toe boots. 

Spend some time or even just a few hours of your evening in crafting outfit formulas that work specifically for your body shape. As for us, we’d go as far as writing them down and sticking them in our front hall closets! 

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