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OwnTheLooks and let purple reign. The well-known color company Pantone Color Institute has recently declared Ultra Violet as the Color of the Year for 2018. Numbered 18-3838 in the Pantone color chart, Ultra Violet dominate the shade inspirations for beauty, fashion, particularly in women’s dresses and interior design industries.

Every time the Color of the Year is named, the design world goes wild. Integrating their concepts on the color’s personality, how to use it, what it feels like and what it says and mean for all the users.

Pantone Color Institute being regarded as color authority of the world, took time every year and before another year begins, to search for color signals that will symbolize and incorporate to fashion, food, automotive, cosmetics and housewares. Color experts comb the world looking for new color influences across different industries such as entertainment and film industries; in fashion, arts, culinary, interiors and cosmetics, as well as new conditions in socio-economic, lifestyle and travel destinations. As they pooled their finding and did their analysis, a famous shade of purple is officially picked, the very bold, Ultra-Violet. The enchanting purple hue, Ultra-Violet, it adds influence to new technologies, materials, textures and effects that impact other colors and capture worldwide attention.

Some researches have mentioned that the pigment, Purple had its origins in the first millennium B.C. in the form of purpura, or Tyrian purple; which created by collecting the glandular mucus of tiny shellfish called Murex. It was reported that making the color was extremely labor intensive and expensive—combining hundreds of thousands of mollusks to dye a single garment. Color Purple gained its popularity when it became exclusive only for royalties and to the extremely wealthy people; regulated by strict sumptuary laws for centuries.

Purple become even-handed during the mid-19th century, when a young chemist, William Henry Perkin, discovered the formula for synthetic color dye when Perkin was attempting to synthesize quinine from coal tar as a treatment for Malaria when he noticed the by-product of his experiments was an attractive shade of purple and became another discovery that revolutionized fashion.

Purple Reign

Transforming the textile industry into bolder color innovation, Perkin’s 1856 aniline dyes inspired what English journal Punch satirically referred to as “Mauve Measles” – the spread of an infectious addiction to newly available purple ribbons, gowns, bonnets, gloves, fans, and slippers. Some empire rulers like Empress Eugénie the wife of Napoleon III, went wild about Perkin’s discovery of purple in 1857, and Queen Victoria elevated the frenzy when she wore a velvet purple gown to her daughter’s wedding in 1858. In addition, pale shades of purple became the staple of Impressionist painters, who believed they had finally found the color of the atmosphere. They used violet in replacement to black to represent shadows, and critics accused the group of “violettomania.”

The devotion to purple did not diminish in the 20th century as other creatives viewed violet as a gateway to imagination. The astonishing culture of the 1960s and 70s embraced ultra violet with black lights. Particularly in fashion, Vogue magazine paid reverence to the popular hue with a 1994 fashion editorial starring English model Kate Moss.

According to Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, the color of the year represents current trends in all businesses which is a true reflection of what is needed in the world today. Ultra-violet can represent royalty, wealth, spirituality and meditation; the entire universe with its discoveries and technology’s development.

Ultra Violet in Fashion

Since our society has the need for positivity to become ahead, Pantone’s color choice of the year should be regarded as representation of communicating originality ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future. Go bold. Be innovative. Just play. Shine and suffuse in purple rays of hope.

First quarter of the year, Ultra-violet has provided a theatrical linkage for both mens and womens fashion; with it being created from the combination of two colors— red and blue. This color when combined with gold or other metallic it becomes luxurious and magnificent that evokes outstanding elegance.

This bold PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet colour has already been spotted on the fashion runways of brands like Moschino, Gucci and Balenciaga in its Spring/Summer 2018 shows. Ultra Violet induces imagination, creativity, and innovation.

 The UltraViolet Ensemble

Own the look and show off the flexibility of this statement color to match your daily wardrobe. Here are some smart ways to wear Ultra Violet this year and own the look of a showstopper chic.

A no-no shade for the faint-hearted. This deep, bold purple Ultra-violet maxi dress can be intriguing when wearing it for an evening affair. Maxi dress delivers statement elegance with the right accessory piece.

Lady Violet Lace Maxi Dress - ownthelook

Lady Violet Lace Maxi Dress

    Since Ultra-violet is a power color, pair it with soft shades of brown, white or grey to create a balance ensemble.

    Purple Sleeved Satin Front Drape Top -own the look

    Purple Sleeved Satin Front Drape Top

    Stun the people around you by wearing purple dresses.

    Choose among Midi dress or Peplum cut and complete the look by rocking a pair of black boots.

    Purple Candy Off The Shoulder Peplum Midi Dress


    Purple Candy Off The Shoulder Peplum Midi Dress - ownthelooks

    Purple Candy Off The Shoulder Peplum Midi Dress

    Slide a posh belt to add more texture and emphasis to a pleated dress.

     Purple Print Vintage Pleated Midi Dress


    Purple Print Vintage Pleated Midi Dress


    Incorporating accessories like purple bag and purple earrings are great styling techniques to add to your daily outfits.

    Blue Violet Sequined Mini Backpack -ownthelooks

    Blue Violet Sequined Mini Backpack

     Purple And Pink Wood Disk Earrings -own the looks

     Purple And Pink Wood Disk Earrings

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