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Fashion is essentially our favorite mode of self-expression. It's the perfect description of the ever-changing styles of clothing items that are worn by individuals with cultural status. Fashion trends occur when the general public emulates or mimics a certain style. Fashion varies greatly over time and it is affected by occupation, social class, location, sexual orientation, and, of course, age. Today, style trends begin with brands that design collections based on cues that have been gathered throughout each season of the year. The cues fashion designers take can include music, nature, politics, celebrities, popular choice, or something that’s entirely unique. 

During fall and spring runway shows, our favorite fashion designers would showcase designs to writers, celebrities, buyers, and photographers. The fashion features and photos produced by writers and photographers, as well as purchasing action by fashion-forward celebrities and retail buyers are what influence how the mass population accepts or receives the work of fashion designers and brands. 

Other brands draw inspiration from more established brands and create more accessible and cheaper designs for those who can’t afford couture. The fashion trends are then seen in malls, boutiques, and shopping centers around the world. There are trends that begin in a single country then reach multiple countries; although there are those that remain confined to a single region. 

Fashion Trends: From the 1960s to Pop Culture 

Fashion in the early 60s reflected the political and cultural disruption during the time. Counterculture movement and hippies gave rise to the use of accessories that are like medallions which are worn around necks, as well as headbands that look like they came out from the Pocahontas movie. 

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Hippies wore long and loose-fitting clothes that are often in breathable and natural materials. Hemlines rose as the miniskirt was popularized and hot pants were made available in department stores. Mod fashion became the mainstream as well with brightly colored geometric patterns, colored tights, and shift dresses. Mod-shift dresses and miniskirt were often worn with go-go boots that go up to the knees. 

During the 1970s, clothes of hippies that were very loose and from the previous decade gave way for bell bottom jeans and exotic materials to rise. They were worn by men and women alike. Hemlines still rose and you’d still be able to see hot pants increasing in popularity. This has reflected the decade’s flashy style. However, the 70s also saw a rise in popularity for long hemlines. Women were wearing peasant-style clothes with their blouses off the shoulder and trimmed with laces. Jeans and skirts also had them. Clothing with embroidery was incredibly famous with the trend. Then, disco fashion emerged which featured tightly fitting clothes and bright patterns that are meant to both stand out and show off the shape of the body. Shoes were the platform style and elevated their wearers from two to five inches from the ground. 

The 1980s saw yet another upheaval in fashion. Angst-ridden punks were wearing Dr. Marten as well as steel-toed army boots, bondage pants, tartan patterns, and chains. Punks also focused on their hair. They dyed, teased, and chopped their hair into more asymmetrical styles which seem like they defy gravity. Men and women experimented heavily with eyeliner in various colors. The ladies wore jelly shoes, leggings, tight jeans, neon colors, oversized sweatshirts, and leg warmers. As for menswear, power suits were favored and the suits were made to reflect the wearer’s wealth. Jackets for women featured massive shoulder pads, which were made so in order to have shoulders that look larger and higher just like the male silhouette. 

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Fashion in the 90s was more subdued compared to the wild styles that were popular in the 80s. Nirvana and several other bands influenced grunge looks that featured rock concert shirts that are paired with jeans, plaid flannel shirts, as well as long and greasy hair. Overalls were worn not just by females but the males as well with either one or two straps unhooked. Punk style has evolved into goth fashion and featured black boots, studded bracelets and black clothing. 

At the beginning of the new century, what resurfaced was individuality. Technology such as mp3 players and mobile phones become commonplace and not just for the ones in the upper socioeconomic status. 

Pop culture is being marked with the ever-changing nostalgia we have for the fashion trades of decades past. However, all of the trends seem to seamlessly coexist. Several fashion pieces that are from the 60s up to the 90s continue in being popular even in the 21st century, most especially in the rockabilly and punk community. 

If you’re like us, then you also love the trends of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. We’re totally in love with them and so is everyone, as it seems. Are you ready to fill your wardrobe with the latest in fashion? Check out our latest collection!  

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