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By now, it is a must to finally accept the fact that it is indeed the New Year but the same old me. Well isn't it? Yes, you can remain the same, but what can change is your style sense, which can be easily altered for some upcoming trends that are gonna rapidly make their way into this year. Every year we see some fads that we love incorporating into our style diaries and lookbooks. We have skimmed through many such ones and bring to you the finest, the ones which are here to remain and make their mark in your closets. These trends will be soon flooding your Insta feeds as the winter season ends. Sometimes there are those fashion moments that have you scratching your head, and going like " no way am I gonna wear that!'' thinking no one will ever hop on the bizarre look and actually accept it as a trend. 

A little blast from the past, a bit of something wacky and new, fashion knows how to always make a comeback with a bang. We are making guesses and drawing these conclusions from clothing magazines and fashion shows that give us a fair indication of what is yet to make its debut or come back. Some of our favorite designers and models showed pretty, fancy, edgy, classic, inspiring and totally wearable looks, that we are extremely eager to get our hands on. Are you girls ready to Own The Looks in these groundbreakings yet hella happening trendy outfits? Let us see what is in store.

First things first, the color of the year is announced every year by Pantone and for 2019, it is the Living Coral shade, which is described as - an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. In short, the color radiates energy but is yet mellow and subtle. For the fashion world, the clothing and accessories will be a lot to with this shade. Basically, it is like an amalgamation of two shades, that is, orange and red, to create a shade that will radiate energy, passion, and excitement in your clothing. Sounds like we would work our ways around this color and find outfits from this palette to keep up with the trend.

midi dress ownthelooks

Priyanka Chopra Jonas dressed in the color of the year.

Next up, we have boiler suits. What exactly are those! Basically, we think of them as an all in one wardrobe solution for us because these are coveralls. So it just like a jumpsuit, but usually less tight fitting (good to hide all the weight gained during the holiday season). While you can stick to the usual ones such as olive green, khaki, navy, and black, you are likely to find bright colors and floral prints too.

denim Boiler Suit Style

Olivia Wilde in a cute denim boiler suit

Who could have possibly missed this one, it comes and goes and will yet again make a comeback. Yes, we are talking about cheetah print outfits. Thought these perpetually have not ever gone out of fashion, but now they are trending more than ever. Who can get over these honestly, since they are so chic and amongst the dressiest prints out there, this should be a fashion staple every single year? We have seen it in the form of dresses, or pants, jackets and socks too, now. Make your pick, and choose the form you would like to wear. 

rania fawaz ownthelooks

Rania Fawaz wearing the Leopard Print Spaghetti Strap Asymmetrical Ruffled Hem Midi Sundress from the OwnTheLooks collection

And lastly, what else is back this year? Puff sleeves, yaaas we are as excited as you are. During the previous year we saw, all kinds of exaggerated sleeves. This time, however, the fashion arena is steering toward a more tailored approach to the statement fluffy look, opting for ultra feminine puff sleeves like those on the runway that will give you straight up Audrey Hepburn or Carrie Bradshaw feels. Truly, we cannot wait to get our hands on these and looks princess-esque. 

puffed sleeves outfit

Drew Barrymore looks like an absolute treat in the puffed sleeves outfit.

What is your take on these trends? Would you wear them to own the look? Well, it is time to dive head first into the trend that you liked because you might be surprised at how great it feels to rock something that is new, or may be different. So let us rummage through our wardrobes, look for those clothes and accessories, go for some mixing and matching and meanwhile to try and look for more happening trends that are gonna make a comeback this year.

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