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Within every single generation, you will find or even know people that try and break outside what’s associated with the age group they are in. However, generally, the overarching theme occurs for a good reason: habits and moods purvey. The same can definitely be said for all those who are millennials. While uniqueness is a theme that is followed all throughout, you should realize that that in itself already presents one common thread. If you are a millennial, then it is likely that you follow a few or all of these fashion rules:

White and Pink Checks Slip Dress

Value authenticity over anything else. 

Whether it is creating or building a personal style, being invested in clothing brands that tell a particular story or admiring the style of others, authenticity is of utmost importance for all those who are millennials. 

We find ourselves breaking age-old boundaries set by the industry – just think of stylish activities as well as outspoken fashion icons and influencers we idolize today. There is also the rise in gender-fluid and plus-size models that are being cast for massive campaigns and fashion week runway shows. Millennials celebrate diversity. That is reflected in conscious styling as well as shopping choices that most of us are making. Unfollowing and bucking trends are what we are attracted to. Case in point: co-ords.

Do majority of the shopping online. 

Although there’s this movement against the digital sphere and social media, partly because of data mining and privacy vulnerabilities, millennials are voracious online shoppers. Just in the US, millennials have reportedly surpassed baby boomers when it comes to spending power. That is not really surprising as there are many ways in doing it: browsing online shopping stores or through IG which always feels like the cyber version of the ladies’ all-time favorite, window shopping. 

Personalize stuff. 

White Clear Wristlet Bag

The desire for being unique is the new trend, which is why millennials have made every single purchase and shopping experience feel more personal. It's now become the norm. Designer brands and high-street stores alike have invested in personalization as this concept screams “this is me.” if you want our tip on how you can stamp individuality into your style, we say trust your instinct, girl!

Photograph, decorate, and wear anything that is in millennial pink. 

Millennial pink has reached far and wide. It has rooted from fashion and spread to design, food, adverting, and back again. There is no escape to this undeniably pretty shade that we have been all obsessing over for the past decade. Although a new color makes its way into our lives, the overall presence of millennial pink can still be experienced and felt. It does not feel like we are getting over it either. Just type in pink to the search bar over the page and you will see tens of great outfits. 

Pink Sweater Vest Over White Shirt

Spend time and money on work out gear. 

Millennials are very active and it’s a generation that is proud of it. They see working out to be the integral part of routines for stimulation junkies. However, it is no good for any of us women to have fitness ideas without any gear. This is why athletic fashion is booming. Gyms now even tap into the loyalty of consumers by developing their very own merchandise. It is really not surprising that we are just starting with our obsession over leggings (it is growing by the minute, I tell you). We agree that athleisure is now the new casual. 

Purchase affordable designer bags than an expensive one. 

Millennials have proven themselves to be very wise in terms of making fashion investments. We weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages alongside market research prior to spending our money. As such that we no longer have that urge to get designer bags. Retailers have even seen the increase in supply and demand for brands that develop and produce products with a much lower price range. There is a sweet spot for us millennials and that is why affordable designer bags are continuing to sell through. 

Pink Velvet Pearl Flap Handbag

Declutter and adopt minimalism as your lifestyle. 

A millennial, if you are one, wants nothing but to declutter. The reason for this, you may be wondering, is because we want to save brain power, which Is very precious, as well as time. Although it’s not surprising for us if you already know this, we advise you to take a second and realize how many people are now creating capsule wardrobes. Are you also interested in one? We bet you are! 

With that in mind, check out these pieces that are great for your newly cleaned out closet. As you browse through our latest collection, don’t forget to get yourself something pink. After all, you could never have too much millennial pink in it, especially if you need to fill your IG with lots of it! 

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