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"Are you seriously going to wear those two colours together? That trend was so last year, time to get over it. Why are those shoes paired with that outfit? Those accessories do not match the vibe of the dress!" Are you tired of listening to this kind of comments all your life? Because we are for sure. Certainly, we need to move on beyond all the unnecessary fashion policing that has been a nuisance over the decades in women's style choices. Do you still stick to the rules formed back in the day or break the stereotypes and dress as you wish? Today, we go off breaking those medieval shackles of fashion that restrict us from wearing what we like or when. So it is time to debunk some of the DONTs of styling and well-known restrictions on pairing colours or mixing patterns.

What goes and does not go, should be up to your tastes and preferences, and not in accordance with old norms of fashion practices. Trends and fads start to trend when someone experiments with what is forbidden or unnatural from the usual garb. To try out what others are not doing is what will make you stand out in the fashion stratosphere. We know for a fact that everyone can own the looks, as long as they wear clothing that they are comfortable in. Since fashion always favours the bold, it is time for us to throw out the old rule books and go beyond the style convulsions. So, without further ado, we jump into some of the fashion myths that need to be demystified ASAP.

Let us begin with the first one: You can't wear one print on another print, or basically, you cannot mix two or more prints in one attire. This can be incorrect many times 'cause various combinations stand out best when they clash with each other. The tip here is, to go with the prints that are similar but yet different in their own ways. What we mean is, for instance, you can pair different animal prints together and still look classy as ever. You can let one print dominate and the other be more subtle, or maybe keep a difference in their sizes. Alternatively, you can keep the fabrics limited to the same family of colours.

Olivia Palermo creates a beautiful medley by clashing prints togetherOlivia Palermo creates a beautiful medley by clashing prints together


 Next up we have: You need to wear colours of the same family. This is true to a certain extent, but we believe that when it comes to colours, your clothes are a canvas and you can literally pair any shade with another. Combinations such as powder blue and salmon blue, or lemon yellow and black, or light cream and mahogany orange, or violet and sapphire that might not even be remotely close to each other on the colour wheel, but yet go together fabulously. An unusual pairing, in fact, stands out the most, bring out the pop of colour element to your wardrobe. Be brave, and choose new pairings.

Mary Stanly wearing the  Cyan Blue Asymmetrical Top from the OwnTheLooks collection with a gorgeous skirtMary Stanly wearing the  Cyan Blue Asymmetrical Top from the OwnTheLooks collection with a gorgeous skirt


Next up we have: You can't mix different metals. This is incorrect in many ways since it is the old norm to pair all similar jewellery together, but mixing different kinds of metals, always adds a subtle hint of freshness in your accessorizing style. You can layer up rings, necklaces, bracelets and everything in between by choosing gold, silver, diamond or anything else you wish. Stacking them together is the easiest way and two at a time will do your outfit no harm. Just be confident about your choices and settle with what is best for the occasion.

 Jennifer Aniston teaching us how jewellery mixing is done best.Jennifer Aniston teaching us how jewellery mixing is done best.


 And then lastly, we have: You need to follow trends, to look modish. As we stated earlier, there are no rules that you need to set for your fashion standards. When you are confident and comfortable in what you wear, it will show, and that effortlessly translates to chicness and style. So be your own fashionista and make your personal wardrobe decisions, always! Be funky, be ritzy, take risks, but just be you, and enjoy what you wear and how you want to go about it. Stick to the classics or opt for the newbies, it is all up to you.

Hailey Baldwin indulges in some fun dressing upHailey Baldwin indulges in some fun dressing up.

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