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Even if you are a stylish person, we are all prone to committing some fashion faux pas. We are not talking about the “rules” like donning an outdated piece of clothing, wearing white following Labor Day, or following cringe-worthy trends. We are talking about questionable styling with an ill-fitting outfit, overspending, premature destruction of clothes, and extreme eye rolling by our loved ones from an item that we just can’t seem to get rid of.

Don't despair – we have easy fixes for you. We understand that wardrobe problems are common and we have asked the experts, Ola Farahat and TheRealFouz, to help us all solve them. Use these ideas in overhauling your wardrobe and finally be confident in your fashion choices:

blue flower printed dress

The Desperation Shopping

The problem: there is a big event – a special birthday, a Bar Mitzvah, a wedding – that is looming on the calendar. Rather than heading to the store that you can always count on while you still have lots of lead time, you’re putting it off with a refined list of reasons for you to forego shopping. You don’t know what you should get, you don’t have the time, energy or money, and maybe there is something that is already in your closet that you can wear for the occasion.

At the very last minute, you’re racing and already in a state of panic on what to purchase. Perhaps you plunk down cash that you would not normally spend for express shipping. Sadly, you end up with a pricey dress that you don’t even love and may not wear again in the future. You don’t look very stylish and you feel guilty for overspending.

The solution: by the time you get the invitation to attend a party, set a time to figure out the outfit that you want to wear. When assessing the clothes that you already have, remember that with having to add something old, thrifted, borrowed or rented, the problem-solving outfit or dress might already be in front of you.

If you are certain that you don’t having anything that is right, make sure to give yourself at least five days up to a week before the event. This will give you more than enough time to exchange the item that you’ve purchased in case you didn’t like it.

Markdown Mania

Elegant Black Velvet Front Slit Midi Dress

The problem: special offers and sales cause you to get excited. Good sense and budgeting instantly leave the building! You end up buying clothes that you don’t really need and would never wear as you don't look great in them.

The solution: a bargain is the most common reason why people have useless items piled in their homes. Flash sales heighten the risk. Before you click purchase, pause and reflect. Is the thrill of the sale that you are responding to or is it the item itself?

Ask yourself that if it was in the full price, do you think you would still want it? Imagine what you will pair with the item on sale and the occasion you will be wearing it for. If you are satisfied with the answers that you’ve come up with, proceed with confidence and congratulations on the money well spent!

Closet-Disorder Disorder

The problem: there are piles of multiple tops that are on a single hanger, you have overstuffed your drawers, and you are cramming your hanging rods so tight that jaws are needed to extract clothes. Combing through the depths feels overwhelming, which is why you default to wearing what is from the laundry – meaning you end up repeating your outfits.

The solution: first, you carve out a space that you can store the off-season items. It does not have to be in your closet. A spare dresser, the basement, the attic, under-bed bins – wherever you can keep them out of sight. Twice a year, take the stored clothes out and replace them with the ones that you have been wearing. During the transition time, you can get rid of the clothing items that no longer fits you, makes you happy or suits your life.

To ensure you never end up with a dozen black pants again, organize your favorites by kind and color. Also, use the correct hangers: lightweight, flat-flocked ones which are for thin and light tops, and sturdier hangers for maintaining the structure and shape of blazers and coats.

Heavy knit dresses and sweaters can stretch when they are hung. It is, therefore, important that you fold them and store them on shelves or drawers. Protect your trousers from telltale knee creases by putting them on clip-style hangers. You can store your handbags on shelves that are separated with dividers. If there is no available shelf space, you can also use large s-hooks and place them on your closet rod.

Remember the tips we mentioned above, and we’re sure you will have more fun when you shop and plan out your outfits!

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