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Do you go all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (aka OH MY GOD YAAAAS, IT'S HAPPENING FINALLY) while planning a summer trip during the holiday? Cause we do! The good news is, we have all the outfits ready, now it is only time to book the tickets. It doesn't matter if it is a daytime getaway to the neighboring city or a two-week trip two continents across, because with these essentials you are good to go anywhere. If it weren't for the pressure of planning and rummaging through your closet to find things to pack, you would probably have taken spontaneous trips more often. Packing can often be a nightmare but these last-minute hacks and essentials are the must-haves that should be part an of your backpack ensuring that you have a chilled vacay on your time off. So, download all your favorite songs for the summer playlist and pick out your cutest Duffel Bag, cause its time to have fun and OwnTheLook.

Let us start with the basics, the most important ones being Sunglasses. Who can do without these? Not only do these protect your eyes, but also serve as the ultimate fashion staple. Sunnies, come in various shapes and styles and that's why it is important to choose the ones that suit your face type. They must also accentuate your features while keeping it casual. Pick from a range of aviators, sporty, cat eye or wayfarers, the options are endless. There is no outfit that can't be paired with sunglasses, so go ahead and select something funky this season.

OwnTheLooks White Heart Frame Sunglasses

These are new in and so trendy at the moment. No more guessing, it's the T-shirt Dress. Tie a denim jacket around your waist, and throw on a pair of fresh white sneakers and wear a detailed choker around your neck. Alternatively, you can toughen up the look with a pair of dark colored boots. Carry along a tan or brown sling bag to complete the outfit. This low maintenance dress can also be paired with a long line jacket. So, make sure you pack these, as they are sophisticated yet comfy in the same go.

Prachi Desai wearing a printed T shirt dress -own the look

Go ahead and quote us if you like, but you can never have too many Caps. We dote on all types of headgear, cause not only do these hide your bad hair days but also, make for an extremely stylish essential. You could always throw one on irrespective of the occasion. Pair a woven hat with a plain T-shirt and distressed jeans or for the perfect vacation day look. You could also wear it with a casual flowy patterned sundress. So girls, put on your Fedora hats, beanies or Baseball caps, whatever helps you OwnTheLooks.

Gigi Hadid sports a cool vintage cap

Our next pick is a Jersey T-shirt. You could wear it over flared jeans, or your favorite denim shorts. Just do not restrict them to the stadium for a sports game, since these can be worn anywhere, especially during the summer time. Jerseys are casual attire so you need to accessorize properly with a bag such as a day clutch or cross body purse. You can wear open sandals or tan wedges to complete the attire. This combination will take your street style game up many notches.

you can ownthelook

Rihanna sports a Jersey Vest and Flared Track Pants

Let us agree that it is completely okay to wear Flip Flops outside of our homes. We can call them by different names like jandals, pluggers, go-aheads, slaps, slides, step-ins, or chanclas but the universal fact is that - they keep our feet cool, and are easy to throw on while you could choose from a million colors. Wear a casual tank top with colored shorts and don some bright colored flip flops, or alternatively, you could wear a plain light tunic top and distressed types of denim with them. Brownie points if you add a chic tote bag or sling bag to your attire.


Jennifer Aniston wearing black Flip Flops with her formal attire.

We have listed most of the fashion essentials that should make the cut to your summer suitcase, but apart from these do not forget to carry - a sunblock, some eye cover, a power bank and also a cozy travel pillow but the most important part of the list is to have a blast! With all these items you are ready to OwnTheLooks and have a fun vacay! So girls while you are at it, do let us know what are your essentials or favorites for a summer trip.

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