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A crop top is the epitome of fashion resilience. They hit the markets from the ‘80s classic Flashdance, they’re the favorites of our teen idols, Cristina, the Spice Girls, and Britney, and they’ve revealed Madonna’s washboard abs to the world. Although they disappeared from the fashion scene for a while (most likely to take a vacation in Tulum), crop tops are finally back!

When a sea of these stylish tops initially reappeared, it got us thinking if a perpetrator came and hacked off bottoms of shirts in retail stores. We felt a little shy, slightly aghast; all the while curious as to how we can pull this trend off.

However, during the time it was put on the sidelines, the crop top has evolved drastically. It has laid its former teenybopper and aerobics ties to rest. It grew and became a staple even for the chic working woman! Here are some incredible reasons that will definitely sway you to crop top’s side:

crop tops

Hide in High-Waist Pants and Ripped Jeans

Most cropped tops, except those that are already close to brassiere status, can sit right by your waistline which is covered if you wear high-waisted pants. What’s amazing is the fact that there are tons of high-rise pants existing in stores or even in your closet! We suggest trying out this outfit with a top that has sleeves so the style is more appropriate for uni or work.

For ripped jeans, you can pair it with almost everything; but, if you want the chic quotient to go straight to the roof, then try it out with a loose, midriff-flaunting crop top. Distressed, high rise jeans exude a laid-back look while showing just the right amount of skin.

Suit Up

You can hide almost all crop tops under buttoned blazers. During the summer season, they’re great in layering while keeping you cool. You can take one of the best layering tricks for winter and style a printed neck tank top with a suit jacket. Paired with fitted pedal pushers or a flowing skirt, it is the most effortless way in looking stylish from the office to a night out with girlfriends!

Play with Proportions

An easy way in disguising crop tops is by covering up other parts of your body. Consider long-sleeved versions like cropped blazers or jackets. Although they expose your mid-section, you will feel more comfortable in your arms and shoulders are covered. Pair with high-waisted skirts or trousers, and you are good to go all summer long!

crop tops

An Extra Layer

For a daring and edgy look but still, retain a modest appearance, layer your new crop top over a button-down shirt. You can also add a crop top on top of a dress. A corset-style top works well with oversized blouses, too, creating a stunning silhouette that’s tight on the torso but baggy in the body and arms.

Of all the stylish ways of wearing crop tops, this is our favorite. Peeking under long-sleeved shirts, the look is super posh and totally unexpected at the same. A crop top can also look good over a camisole, tank, and shirt!

Shorts for Summer

For a beachy/flirty look, pair your crop top with your favorite shorts. The loose top will skim over your tummy but teaming it up with high-waisted shorts will only accentuate your waist, giving a figure-flattering, yet casual aesthetic.

ladies tops

High-waisted shorts with loose, longer crop tops can cover your torso, while shorter tops worn with lower-riding shorts can reveal some skin.

Crop Tops and Overalls

Layer super short crop tops under overalls for that playful vibe. You can unbutton a side of your overalls if you want to expose some skin from your torso and create a look that is fun, retro, yet modest! From the front, nobody can even tell you are wearing a midriff-baring top!

Printed Sets

Are you after a put-together look? Opt for a printed set of a crop top and maxi skirt! The set is flattering and trendy, perfect for school dances and office parties. If you pair printed tops with printed bottoms, you need to make sure their prints match as patterns that are slightly off can clash.

Are crop tops stylish? You bet! But, are they inappropriate? The truth is, there’s no need for you to bare skin you’re not comfortable of exposing to rock these pieces! Play with your tops by layering and matching them with clothes that make them totally appropriate or even professional. Remember: the key is how you style a crop top, depending on the season, occasion, and your mood. Just don’t forget to add elegance to your look with tasteful, stunning jewelry like a thin necklace or pearls and bracelets.

If you have more ideas on styling this all-time favorite, let us know!

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