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halloween costume

Let’s tackle a scary fashion. No, we don’t mean nude latex bikinis, Croc shoes or see-through leggings (which most definitely send shivers down our spine). All Hallows’ Eve is creeping ever closer, and we are racking our brains on how to look stylish while still giving a nod to ghosts and ghouls. Thankfully, fashion is on our side during this occasion.  

As you may know, very well, women love dressing in sexy and sultry outfits during Halloween, aiming to dominate men’s attention and other women at the same time. It is, therefore, essential that you get the advice of pros and find the costume that perfectly fits your personality. Even if you manage to steal the limelight during Halloween, you wouldn’t want to look awkward. We have compiled stylish Halloween costume ideas so you don’t look anything but chic, stylish, and Halloween-appropriate!

Vampires Halloween Outfit

Black Sweetheart Neck Crushed Mini Dress

If you’re a traditionalist, then you require women’s Halloween costumes that are at least a bit spooky. Instead of the simple and boring skeleton costume or shapeless ghost outfit, we highly suggest an elegant vampiress outfit. A lady vampire costume is a glamourous outfit that’s suitable for all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you desire to look stunning and mysterious at the same time, then it’s definitely your best bet. 

Women’s Sailor Costumes

 A proven and tested outfit to turn heads at Halloween parties is a woman’s sailor costume. It is perhaps for a young and confident woman like you. It is quite fancy and based obviously around a nautically themed mini dress. Matched with a sailor’s hat and sexy pumps, and you’re set to have a great time!

Female Referee Costume

A costume for ladies that’s getting more popular every year is a female referee outfit. It is perfect for women who are domineering or love to be in control! Of course, a whistle is a must-have accessory to complete the outfit.

Mermaid Outfit


The traditional mermaid costumes with shaped dresses come with a fishtail, which is just a delight. Elegant and stylish outfits for Halloween such as these make women stand out even in a crowded party. If you can, get some orange or red weave to channel the inner mermaid in you! 

Fairy/Nymph Costume 

A fairy costume is not just for kids as adults also want to relive childhood fantasies of becoming fairies! Halloween is the best time for this and you can choose whatever design and color for your dress and wings. 

When you put together a fairy costume, it’s best if you find one that perfectly matches your needs. Don’t go for a dress that’s extremely short if your legs are yet to be shaved. Match your dress with a pair of fairy booties and, of course, butterfly wings! 

Housemaid Costume 

A housemaid costume is always an incredible choice for Halloween. What’s great with this outfit is it is easy to put together. As a matter of fact, you can just get a stylish dress or skirt that’s already sitting in your closet and tie an apron around your waist! If you want to use a skirt, just get your old high school blouse. Pair with stockings and sexy strapped sandals and you’re party-ready.


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