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we know we should be practicing safe social distancing, as well as washing our hands frequently in order to protect ourselves (also our loved ones) with the coronavirus pandemic – however, the question is: how about the clothes that we wear?

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Although much has remained unknown with the novel virus, COVID-19, the CDC currently states that viral disease can be transmitted from one person to another through respiratory droplets e.g. when a person that was infected or has coronavirus sneezes or coughs within six feet of contact. 

What you Need to Know About the Coronavirus ?

After returning from stores, work, or any other public place, there is no need for you to change your clothes entirely in order to fight spreading of the disease or virus, according to Dr. Robert Amler, CDC Chief Md. Officer. 

He said in a session that common sense suggests that this can seem pretty extreme. The clothes that we wear are not important sources of exposure. However, this may not be what happens if someone infected has made lots of contact with the clothes. The person may have sprayed droplets on them from coughing or sneezing. The person may also have worn the clothes of a long period of time as they were having the virus. 


Clothes generally aren’t sources of exposure for the virus as Dr. Amler clarified. 

As for the management of laundry with the ongoing outbreak, we know you have questions as we all would want to be safe and healthy while protecting our clothes at the same time. The CDC advises everyone to check if the following instructions are followed when cleaning clothes, towels, lines, as well as other items which go to the washing machine: 

  • Wear gloves as the laundry is touched, especially the laundry of a sick person that was infected by the coronavirus. Disposable globes have to be discarded following every use. As for gloves that you can reuse, they should not be worn or used for anything beyond cleaning or disinfecting all surfaces.
  • NEVER rattle or shake laundry. Follow this to make sure that you reduce the possibility for the virus to disperse through the air that you breathe. 
  • You'll be able to wash the laundry of a sick along with other items. Simply follow the instructions of the manufacturer when you wash laundry and use warm water or the appropriate water setting for all the items. Then, the items have to be dried completely. 
  • Keep your hands clean at all times. Wash your hands as soon as you have taken the gloves off. If you are not utilizing gloves as you are handling dirty laundry, then wash your hands right after. Never put off washing of hands. Also, it has to be done thoroughly. 
  • Make sure the hampers are clean. Following the laundry being put away, disinfect and clean all hampers by following the standard guidelines of the CDC in cleaning surfaces. With regards to sanitary transport, we suggest you consider disposable bag liners or reusable ones which can be washed thoroughly. 

Take note: this is all the more important for a household that has suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

More information you may want to know to stay safe

  • Going into supermarkets or grocery stores 

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You may be wondering if you have to wear gloves if you shop for grocery items. Wearing gloves, according to experts, is not necessary. Doing so will only give you some sense of security that's false. People often wear gloves rather than washing their hands thoroughly. It is better to spend a lot more effort in washing hands thoroughly after being out and about and after touching any surface. Also, wash your hands if you want to touch your face. Rather than gloves, wipe own the basket handles or cart with alcohol-based sanitizer or cleaning wipe. Then, use a hand sanitizer before you are leaving the store. Wash your hands as soon as you get home and do it thoroughly. 

  • Getting groceries delivered safely 

If you are given the option, choose the no-contact method for delivery. This is where the delivery person will leave the items you asked for at your doorstep without handing the items off physically. This does not put any huge inconvenience to our lives but it already eliminates the possibility of opening your front- door and having the delivery person sneeze or cough on you. If you don’t get to have this opportunity in leaving a tip as you order online, make sure that you leave the tip outside the door where the delivery person can see. Be very generous as the person is risking his or health for you. 

In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, you may need some help in getting you distracted and hoping for a better future. If it helps, try scrolling through our beautiful collections of clothes! We hope they inspire you.

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