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Yellow Gingham off the shoulder Tie up Crop

As mentioned in the first part of this article, there are just certain clothing items that are not meant to be worn around an office or work environment. Here are more that we are adding to the list:

Charm bracelets 

Charm bracelets are undoubtedly adorable. They have personal meaning to their wearers; however, just because they have symbols or they attribute to something does not mean that they should be jingling with you to your workplace and back. Not a woman should be even wearing charm bracelets to work. Also, how can you get work done if you hear the noise when you move your wrists?

High heels and stilettos 

While you may desire in wearing and showing off those 10 mm Louboutins you just got from the store, odds are you will be hobbling within the first thirty minutes of wear. Even when you are wearing sleek pantsuits, your chic look would be turned into something silly when you are uncomfortable. If you want your legs to look fantastic, we suggest you try out skinny pants in black. However, they can only work if your dress code for work is semi-formal. 

  Crop tops 

Scarlet Red Tailored Collar Jacket

This should not come as a shock to you. This ubiquitous trend may be the best excuse for you to leave your place of work for an early run at the gym, but there is never an excuse for you to wear this shirt to a place of business. People may want your belly to be bare but not in the office where belly is not cute. 

Low cut shirts 

Low cut shirts are great if you are trying to flirt with a workmate after work; however, when you are at the office, you’d want the eyes of your boss, clients, and workmates to be in your eyes and not on your cleavage. 

Ripped denim jeans 

Do you love a great pair of jeans? If so, then you’re like majority of us. However, does that mean it is acceptable to slip on those torn skinnies to work for casual Friday? We don’t think so. 

Anything sheer 

Nude and Black Lace Slit Mini Dress

As the name suggests and as you know too well, sheer is essentially see-through. As with cleavage as well as tops that bare your belly, anything that is made of semi-sheer or sheer fabric means you are overexposed for work.

Workout leggings 

While yoga pants would be very comfortable in the office, they are meant for what they are named for and that is yoga. We suggest you keep them where there are yoga mats. Besides, nobody would want to know how you’re so dedicated to Vinyasa. If you want to show off, talk about it instead of showing off your yoga pants. 

 Flip flops 

We agree that flip flops are the most comfortable when it comes to footwear. This means they are not great for work. Also, they are incredibly tough in commuting in. What's more, it can be gross if you are using public transpo. They can be very noisy as well plus they leave you with dirty feel. Flip flips are far too casual for you to wear with office outfits. Leave the beach shoes to the beach. 

Graphic tees 

While concert merch can be fantastic in starting up conversation with your coworkers, leave them, especially the more graphic ones, for hanging out at the salon or for weekends. Your choice of artists may be great for some, but some may also take offense in it. That is certainly not a great way in kicking off a client meeting.     

 Mini skirts 

Skirt white large

Your legs are great and they should be shown off; however, super short skirts in the office can be a bit much. Your boss would certainly not appreciate it as he or she would rather focus on work. If you wish you’d be more comfortable while working in the office, odds are you would not hang out with legs wide open while wearing a micro mini. 

Too much perfume 

As someone who actually wants to revel in the smell of perfume, I completely understand if you want to show off your signature scent. However, each individual has his/her own preference when it comes to fragrances. Some also have allergies to strong smells. This is why it is very important to make sure that you don’t put in too much perfume. After all, not everyone will be as obsessed as you are with scents. 

Off-shoulder tops 

Cold shoulders have always been around; however, it is not a reason why you should rock off-shoulders top. If you want to be taken seriously at work, you won’t get your desired effect with these tops so leave them for strolls in the park. 

Do you want more appropriate clothes for work? Check out our latest collection!

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