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Imperial Red Pleated Midi Skirt

Let us face it: all men have it so much easier in terms of dressing, especially for work. Get a dark pair of pants, a blue blazer, and a collared shirt and you’re good to go. As for women, it is not that simple. As a matter of fact, it is so complicated we can’t even start telling you what you’re supposed to wear to work. As you may know too well, the best work outfit changes from one industry to another; not to mention the season. However, what we can tell you straight up is what you are not supposed to wear. 

That is right. Regardless of your personal style, age, or field, we have isolated the things that no lady should ever be wearing to work. Read on and make sure that you take heed. If this brings you to our collection of work-appropriate, yet stylish clothes, then we’d love that! 

Anything with lots of ruffles

We know very well that ruffles are trendy this season – that is when they are worn in tiny doses. With just the right amount of ruffles, they are able to add in a fashionable vibe and flirty edge to what would have been a simple and boring professional outfit. However, ruffles everywhere? We suggest you save that one for a weekend. It will just bring some juvenile vibe onto your weekly sales calls. Ruffles were hip in the 1990s, but we suggest you lay back just a tad bit. 

Canvas tote bags 

With so many adorable and affordable graphic print tote bag options, the bags are excellent for being “green” bags for grocery items, dirty gym clothes, and the like. But, toting everything to your office can feel a bit sloppy even when you are laid back at your workplace. We would love to see you in the office with a more structured tote or satchel that is made out of high quality leather. If you prefer, opt for vegan leather. 

Oversized and/or statement necklaces 

Nothing says, “stare at me” like how statement necklaces do. They are more than bold fashion statements as they have all the detailing with a boho yet expensive vibe. They are most certainly not for office use. If you want to accessorize, stick to small stones, minimal sparkle, and delicate chains as you want people to be listening to you rather than looking at you. 

Bold and intense nail art 

Subtle nail art can look elegant, especially in more creative environments for work. However, going all out not just with colors but with patterns and add-ons can be too much, most especially during a quarterly performance review with the big boss. We suggest you skip the gems, neons, and decals and only take them out for weekend nightouts or parties where they are fitting for the theme. 

Cutesy animal patterns 

Leopard print, just a bit of it, can certainly go far. However, head-to-toe vibes of animals would do you no good. Yes, that includes cutesy prints of gangstakitty or puglife. While they make everyone sigh and chuckle, that is not what your work outfit should provide. You are to stick to a single accessory like a scarf, shoe, or blouse with a pattern of your furry friend, but keep everything other than that of your outfit with clean lines and in neutral hues. 

Peasant tunics 

An airy caftan or tunic is so excellent when you are on a holiday. Toss the semi-sheer one-piece on your head, and you are ready for happy hour. But, that type of look does not equate office happy hour. It should not be in the office. So, keep anything casual stashed for days at the beach only – especially ones with a series of pompoms. 

Hair jewelry

Shining and shimmering pins and combs look absolutely fantastic for parties; however, they are bit too much when you are simply heading for your nine to five desk job. When you feel like you really need to accessorize your hair, skip the stuff with glitters and go for the sleek metal headband or black ponytail tie. Revitalize your hair with reviving products as well. After all, it is already a crown you are sporting over your head. 

Black Sequins Full Sleeves

Anything that’s covered in sequins 

Again, if you are having doubts as to whether you should be wearing something to work, skip the full-on shine. You will look more ready with bright and shiny sequins for a trip to the bar compared to a client meeting, especially on a Tuesday. Even when you are styling your outfit smartly with a tee or chambray top. 

There are many no-noes to work styling. Remember the ones we mentioned here as they can give you cues as to what you should really be working to work. If you need to fill your wardrobe, check out our latest collection!

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