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Black Sleeveless Reverse Houndstooth Button Up Midi Dress

Is there anything that is chicer and more stylish than a cute outfit in B&W? While there are those of you that say color has to be there for an outfit to be exciting and full of life, the striking contrast of the black with the white is as thrilling as a colorful dress. Simultaneously understated and edgy, B&W outfits take minimalism at its finest. They are sharp enough for office wear and simple enough to be excellent for casual days. They are also eye-catching enough that they can be taken to night outs! Yes, they certainly can take you wherever you want to go. All you have to do is make sure your latest look hasn’t become boring and that is by giving the classic hues a spin in modern ways!

B&W Skirt

Black and White Snake Print Skirt

Give skirts an update this 2020 by opting for B&W! Chances are you already have different styles that are hanging in your closet – be they midis, maxis, pencils or minis. Try to get them out and let them breathe fresh air by opting for a black and white piece. If you don’t have one, simply get a black skirt and pair it with white. You can add a jacket or jumper in black and, of course, black booties for that bold and edgy finishing touch. If your skirt is in white, remember that it's best paired with a white top and completed by accessories.

B&W Striped Blazer

B&W stripes create unmissable clothing items. They are even iconic! To make sure you create a striking appearance, seek the help of blazers and its structured look. Mixing the two hues in vertical or horizontal stripes and adding it in a blazer can create the jacket that is both sharp and stylish while making a statement.

To get a flattering look, choose vertical lines as they will make you seem taller. Also, you have to be aware as to how thick the strips are as the thickness can have an impact on the overall look and your outfit's boldness. You may be wondering what to pair with your striped blazer in black and white. If you want the most daring option, then pair the blazer with a pair of striped pants. Yes, also in B&W! If you want a subdued appearance, you can always go for the simple black pants. 

Black Skinnies and White Top 

White Sheer Feather Print Long Robe Top

Every woman has a black pants in the closet. This is not just the classic style for pants as it’s a weekend staple, but it is also great for a casual and smart dress code. In order to give your pants a trendy upgrade, pair them with a white top and black or white accessories. The freshness of white and the cool black skinny jeans can create a clear, contemporary appearance. Make sure you add that edge it needs with some accessories so you don’t look like you are wearing a uniform. Even though a white tee is elegant enough, a cool coat or jacket and black booties can allow you in maintaining a very exciting aesthetic. 

Chic Outfits with White Pants

Although it is true that white pants are harder for us ladies to get right compared to black pants, they actually make fantastic outfit options. White pants, which are undeniably chic, carry style and luxury in them. Of course, this is only the case if they are worn the right way. Rather than the usual summer jeans in white, why don’t you try a wide-leg, cropped pair of white jeans this season? It has a contemporary style that is trendy for 2020, plus it makes an excellent option to pair with elegant tops. In order for you to balance the look, keep other items to your outfit slim and tight-fitting a white, very fitted top and black heels can be great additions to your outfit. 

B&W Shirt Outfits 

A tee is an incredible way in rocking a B&W outfit. Because a shirt is most common in black or white, there is no reason for you to skip on this one. We love a B&W as it is easy to create an outfit around it. White is great at creating a classic appearance, while black gives an edgy feel. To get something in between, go for the B&W patterned shirt. It can be polka-dotted even! You can try layering as well. Regardless of the pattern you choose, you will find that your top looks great with a wide-legged pair of jeans and pumps. 

For fashion forward women across the globe, it can be easy to stay chic and trendy 24/7. If you are looking for outfit inspirations, give the ones we mentioned above a try! We are sure you’ll love ‘em. If you need new B&Ws, you can also check out great ones from our latest collection here.  

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