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ola farahat paris fashion week

Paris Fashion Week has been wrapped up, and we have rounded up all the trends that are lingering in our sleep-deprived heads. The upcoming season will definitely be an interesting one, not to mention colorful and structural. Slick co-ords are still in, plus we may have just stumbled upon the next trend that will replace the tie-dye. 

However, this is not us saying we have the answers (or the crystal ball) on the future of global fashion. New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and there’s a lot that happens there, too. 

What we know is that fashion designers are already starting to reference the 2000’s and providing different 1980’s interpretations. Colors are most definitely not going anywhere. The best part with trend-spotting at Paris Fashion Week is looking forward to the next season. Get excited with the team and read on for the biggest trends of 2019 Paris Fashion Week

Clean, Crispy Blazers 

Stay away ketchup packets! We are replacing our navy blue and black blazers with ones that look more immaculate. And, we’re taking a long time in figuring out the best ways for styling them without looking too cheesy. Luckily, there are shoulder pads which are currently in style, so there is not much styling needed to make an impact.


Slick Two-Pieces 

red co- ords

We have been on the co-ord bus for a while now, but slick two-pieces are getting a nice update this season. Thanks to slick and shiny vinyl fabrics, you only have to use your clothes in saying you’re here for a business deal or you have your act together but you are also not the typical businesswoman! 

Mango Tango 

Mango yellow has made its way onto the Paris Fashion Week runways this season with varying shades, ripeness, and interpretations. We want a couple sliced up and topped with hot sauce stat! 

Ruched and Ready 

Here is a brand-new way for you to add dimension and texture to your clothes: ruching! Its gathered effect is giving us flashbacks of our 80’s bright prom dresses. We are here for a pared-down version that makes you want to boogie all night long. 


polka dotted dress

We’re excited as we’re seeing a major comeback for polka-dotted prints this season. We all witnessed it blow up, then scrunchie-fied. Now, it is getting re-interpreted and in a much fuzzier form! 

Head-to-Toe Everything 

Designers from the 2019 Paris Fashion Week proved to us that monochrome can be fun, too! Yes, we’re believers now. Give this a try: pick one color and wear other items with it that are in varying shades of the color you chose. You can also don one color from head to toe so your look stands out. 

Undergarments as Overgarments 

Undergarments as tops has been on our minds for some time now, but this fashion week’s designers have successfully captured the ease of using intimates for styling and looking chic without feeling out of place. We’ve seen them under blazers, over shirts, under vests, and without any other clothing item at all! 

Modern Corset 

This medieval garment has finally been given a much-needed update. Used to train torsos to fit smaller shapes or adding structure to looks, now we’re at the edge of our seats as we want to get the all new and improved corset! 

Mellow Gradients 

ombre crop tops

Remember how just a few years back we are head over heels with ombré? It is now coming back with a more soothing gradient in various dress and ladies’ tops silhouettes. 

Peekaboo Fronts 

The off-shoulder craze made everyone strive to show off some skin. Now? Designers are leaning on featuring another part of the body by making beautiful luxe dresses that open from underneath the bust just like curtains, revealing skin near the belly button. 

Cellophane Fabrics 

Normally, you need to reach for sequin in order to stand out or make a statement. Consider cellophane fabrics an alternative. More designers are playing with cellophane-Esque fabrics that are no less eye-catching and stunning with their shine. They look decidedly more futuristic or modern, too. 

Trench Coat Dresses 

Again, trench coats are trendy thanks to designers who styled leather trenches and lightweight gabardines as dresses. We’re certain the look will become the new norm in the following years. 

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