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Its Summertime… and to Own The Looks is quite easy. Spring/Summer are upon us with a vengeance; our cool March gave way quickly to the summertime climate we all wish was just a bit cooler. As fashion trends come and go, style is always about comfort and ease. Decades ago, to be a trend follower who always Own the look meant you had to fit neatly into a box of a few looks, which possibly didn’t really look great on you. Today, women have countless options to choose from, leaving you feeling good and fashionable at the same time. Perusing fashion magazines or watching the red carpet will leave you exhilarated this season, as all the trends speaks about womens dresses particularly of maxi dresses and womens tops.

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Pastels has hit the fashion scene hard; that basic color that eluded us for so long is a must-have — a great neutral that’s not as harsh as black but just as sophisticated. Daytime, nighttime or travel, navy should be in everyone’s closet.

Being feminine hasn’t really been in vogue for quite some time. Spring 2018 has certainly changed that. The most feminine color would have to be pink, and pink is the “it” color this spring. Soft pink, almost a peachy shade, is complementary to all skin tones and is a winning combination with every color imaginable: navy, white, khaki, gray and black. You name it, pink will go with it all. Ruffles — a ladylike detail — are showing up on everything from blouses to blazers, sleeves to hemlines, womens dresses to womens jeans,. You can personalize your look with small, tight ruffles or large, soft ruffles. Regardless of your choice, ensure they are somewhere in your wardrobe.

Tired of seeing stripes? No problem. Spring’s pattern is one word: floral. What could speak to girls more than a colorful floral, small and dainty or large and bold? To really personalize your look, it’s in the details. Look for stepped hems (longer in the back, shorter in the front), raw edges with a little fraying (or a lot of fraying). Tassels and fringe are a detail you don’t want to miss on shoes, handbags, womens tops and blouses, jackets and womens jeans.

Designers have taken note of the demand for comfort. One of the biggest shoe trends this season are sporty sneakers. Bop around town in a summer dress and sneakers, tossing aside those flip-flops for another day. Sneakers are all about comfort and fun. Spring and summer are truly the time to make your personal fashion statement because there is truly something for everyone.


Sequins and sparkles are big this summer— indeed an understatement. In every fashion capital, glitter prevailed. OwnTheLook and style yours and bring that shimmering cocktail dress to life with matching accessories to give them daytime appeal.

Strobe Sequined Mini Dress

Strobe Sequined Mini Dress


It can be lilac, pink and citrus, these colors have wide array of fashion’s prettiest shades. Saccharine these colours are not consider tailoring in ice cream house or wearing them in unexpected ways.

Tiffany Spring Peplum Midi Dress

Tiffany Spring Peplum Midi Dress

Bold Colour

Summer now is very bright indeed because catwalks have been showcasing them From New York to Paris runways, the shows were awash with vibrant and bold shades to suit very coloring.

Red Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeves Maxi Dress -own the look

Dana AlTuwairsh - Red Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeves Maxi Dress


Checks are still present this season. Anyone should be looking for floaty feminine styles and turn to where they were bright and summer-ready.

Green Checkered Ruffled Leg Hem Jumpsuit

Green Checkered Ruffled Leg Hem Jumpsuit


Transparency is a headlining trend—sheer coats, dresses and womens skirts that reveals little of skin.

White Swan Sheer Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Women everyday are incorporating trending colors to the look that they are going for. Whether that be bright colors to express the warmer months or darker colors during the colder months throughout the history of fashion there seems to have been an encouragement to wear colors that are generally in a timely trend. However, the greatest trend you cannot take from anyone is their own color palette. By combining the desire of red and the stability of blue, the color purple creates a color extravagance and in old-times royalty.

The Pantone color of the year is a fun way for women to broadcast their confidence in style. Like any piece of wardrobe, you want to feel good and Ultraviolet does exactly that. So, whether you are feeling pure bliss or you are just in need of a little mood boosts, anyone can use colors to keeps one true to their inner self. Whether it’s the colors that make them feel amazing or the ones that complement their eye just right, color has always been a huge player in the game of fashion.

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