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Between balancing, family and career on top of finding time for one’s self, stepping out the front door each day with style can seem impossible. Fortunately, it is not! We’ve asked stylish women in the Middle East, including OTL influencers such as The Real Fouz and Fatima Almomen, and they shared their secrets for unlocking a different level of sophistication and style. Yes, they finally spilled the beans! Keep reading for tips on staying effortlessly stylish.


#1 Try ‘outfit planning’

Although everything can’t be planned as much as we want to, don’t let mornings, especially hectic ones, catch you by surprise. Just like how you would plan your meals for the entire week to save time during workdays, give outfit planning for a whole week a shot. We’re certain you will appreciate how your mornings are now stress-free. Just make sure you throw in stylish, lux women’s dresses and trendy women’s tops to the list!

#2 Seek inspiration from stylish women 

Find inspiration for your outfits – whether it is your favorite OTL influencer or your best friend’s sister. Seek out those whose style incites excitement in you. You can use photos as inspirations when planning outfits. If you don’t know where to start, give the Influencers page of OwnTheLooks a scan for endless inspiration.

the real fouz

#3 Leave your comfort zone - pronto!

It’s always a good idea to try something out of your comfort zone, whether it is a new hue that’s far from your standard palette, or transitioning to a boyfriend silhouette from skinny jeans. Remember: you won’t know what trends you’ll love if you don’t try new things!

#4 Overdress when you’re in doubt

If you keep on second-guessing yourself on what to wear, then consider the day’s destination as well as who you will be seeing. When in doubt, you should always err on being dressier. Are you worried about seeming too dolled up? If so, then bring a casual layer e.g. cargo jacket or pair of jeans to give your OOTD that effortless, yet chic touch.


#5 Make your own capsule wardrobe

A not-so-secret weapon of stylists and our favorite influencers is a minimalist capsule wardrobe. Maintaining a closet that’s full of items for mix-and-matching will take out the guesswork from your morning. Don’t just invest in luxe clothing, but also invest in classics as they can last you a lifetime. We are talking about a simple LBD, a pair of good-fitting jeans, and don’t forget, timeless jewelry.


#6 Always accessorize

Try wearing at least a single accessory. It does not matter whether it is a pop-color bag, pair of earrings, or a statement necklace. Jewelry makes for an incredible statement piece and it can take a ho-hum ensemble and turn it into a stand-out in a matter of seconds.

#7 Own a conversation piece

For those times wherein you just need that “wow” factor, a conversation piece will come in handy. You can choose from any type of luxe women’s clothing like a vintage dress. Matched with trendy eyewear, over-the-knee boots and an enviable bag, we’re pretty certain you have the arsenal you need to make an impression and show up stylish.

#8 Get at least one statement shoe

For footwear, print, style, and color pack a massive aesthetic punch. They don’t need to be 7-inch heels. A pair of stunning flats make a statement, plus your feet will appreciate the gesture! Even if your outfit was casually thrown together, a bright-colored wedge or printed flats will make you appear more stylish.

#9 Dress according to your body shape

Fit first – that’s the golden rule stylish women across the globe abide. With that, it is essential that you identify your body shape. Do you consider yourself petite with a pear shape and you prefer highlighting your shoulders? Fill your closet with stylish, trendy women’s tops that highlight your favorite features and look flattering with your specific body shape.

Black Sheer Yoke Blue Velvet Sweetheart Neck Midi Dress


#10 Remember that age is merely a number

When rocking a new hue or trying a brand-new trend, don’t allow your age to dim your shine and stop you from feeling confident. 42 and looking of rocking skinny jeans? Fabulous! 24 and wanting to experiment with a business-first closet full of buttoned-up shirts? Button it up!

Bonus Tip: Coordinate colors.

To remain stylish, make sure colors in your OOTD complement each other. This is important if you don’t want to look tacky or too colorful. Assess whether today’s palette is bright, contrasting, or subdued. Colors affect our mood, so you should also make sure you wear the colors that can help your attitude and disposition for the day.

If you are feeling happy or excited, don’t squash that energy and lightness by wearing an all-black outfit. If you’re feeling a bit down, bring that funky mood to the surface by using color! Of course, you can choose a palette that perfectly suits your mood.

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