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So, girls, a bag must be roomy enough to carry all your gadgets, papers, Knick knacks, and beauty essentials, but at the same time, it also has to look good and mainly reflect your personal fashion style. Not too much to ask for, right? But in most situations, we are often found scratching our heads, while finding the perfect go-to bag, that satisfies all that we wish for. Finding the ultimate arm candy can also be a task at times, but we can draw quick inspiration for the same from our Instagram feeds cause celebs and influencers show us what's in vogue lately.

We are here to make you fashion forward and to show you that there is proof that good things really do come in small packages. Here are some of our favorite winter bags to elevate your winter wardrobe. Time to check them for yourselves or maybe as a gift for someone else. What is your ideal pick? Is it a tote, hobo, satchel, sling, cross body, bag pack or a clutch? There are umpteen choices and variations out there and if you have been keeping an eye on your Instagram feed lately, you may have noticed an upstream of trendy bag styles that crop up on you explore section. So, we declare that it is time to OwnTheLooks and to get your hands on the must-have bags of the party season.

First things first, what is your personal style? We love a good sling bag that you can probably wear across your body for a hands-free, casual-cool look that makes multi-tasking easy since this option is both fabulous and practical. Invest in a few of these, maybe in different colors or from various brands and make the everyday look extremely fabulous! They make for the perfect accessory for every occasion, from a Christmas feast to going for a movie to the cinema.

lemon-yellow sling bag

Gigi Hadid carries a cute lemon-yellow sling bag along with the black outfit

You know we Tote-ally love this one? It is totes cute and goes with all outfits. Yes, it is the super cute tote bag! The classic tote comes in a minimalist look, shape, and color, but you can also go fancy ones which come with detachable straps and fancy key chains. The all-season bag will fit your classic outfits, as well as your dinner outings, movie settings, and cocktail looks. There are so many fabulous looking prints and colors to choose from, and styles to wear with your everyday outfits. We most definitely would term this as the ultimate arm candy of all times.

Kylie Minogue bags

Kylie Minogue carries an all-black tote to match with the rest of her outfit. 

Okay so here is the deal. What if we tell you, that you can safely throw in all your essentials in this roomy bag space and not worry about making it look bulky, Yes, all these dreams come true when you carry the Bucket bag! This one’s for the girls who carry their house in their bag, not quite literally but the ones who will always have to makeup, tissues, a charger, first aid and other essentials in their bags. Just keep size, functionality, and occasion in mind when accessorizing with a bucket bag. While it is equally important to make sure your bag is functional and comes handy for your personal use, it is just as important to find a bag that makes you happy when you carry it.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon carries a beautiful white bucket bag to pair with her minty outfit.

The last one is the most stylish, and we will give it to you. It is the extremely chic and modern Frame Bag. It has picked up the heat in the past two-three years and is extremely Instagram friendly for your brunches or formal evening events. We would buy these in singular colors so that they go over multiple outfits. The Frame bag comes off more as a style statement or a modern accessory that you can't miss. If there is a must buy for the season, it has to be this. It has been making the rounds on the celebs and influencers pages. Worth a try, we would say.

ownthelooks bagsOla Farahat carries the Black Patent Mini Flap Bag from the OwnTheLooks collection.

So, you know by now, handbags speak louder than words. We like cute bags, and we cannot lie! The key takeaway from this blog would be, no number of bags can be sufficient. These make for the best accessory and also, make space for all your essentials. The varieties are endless, and the different types form your own personal collection. Which type is your most used or which do you think is perfect to own the look?

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