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The options are endless, some buy it as a statement add on for their attire and the others get it primarily for the utility value. Whatever is your reason for buying a bag, its beauty combined with its functionality certainly makes it a must-have accessory, for every occasion. The aesthetic of every bag is different from the other one, as styles and colors differ, we get an array of options to choose from, that suit our needs individually. We are big hoarders of different kinds of bags, whether they are backpacks, belt bags, bindles, bucket bags, clutches, wristlets, sling bags, fanny packs, flap bags, minaudieres, duffel bags, pouches, side bags, tote bags or any other kinds, we want them all. From boxy styles to slouchy kinds, here is how you will be accessorizing in complete style, this summer.

The bags that we will list down today are the ones that are definitely runway-inspired accessories and we have rounded up the ‘it bags’ and 'must haves' that you need to own the look for this season. We are showcasing the best looks of celebrities and renowned fashion influencers with their best bags, who have curated and donned the most desirable bags and purses that will keep you on the game trend. The power of a purse is such that it is a supreme accessory with which you can carry the essentials while maintaining the style quotient. But, now more than ever we are overwhelmed with so many choices, between styles and trends, there seems like an endless amount of options. From dimensions to colors to patterns, let us now peak into the summer bag and purse trends.

 First, we begin with a Clutch. It is a fantastic option if you want a handy purse to carry around and yet personalize your style. These are one of those bags you can have fun with by carrying to all kinds of events and outings. That is because they enhance your persona and flatter your appearance. Always hoard a few primary colors in clutches that will go with the majority of your outfits, for instance - black, blue, brown and red. If your attire is simple enough, let your clutch do all the talking. For dressier instances, you can carry an embellished clutch, that will amp up your look.

kate middleton

Kate Middleton looks sassy as ever carrying her sophisticated clutch.

Moving on, we have the neat, well structured, well defined, with perfect dimensions, the Tote bag. A bag so stable, and handy it will befriend your style and demeanor each day, and always. Carry it to work, or brunches with your friends, go perfectly with all occasions. Hold on to this magnificent bag that looks so pristine, it would place you many steps ahead of your fashion contemporaries. Not to forget, you can throw in the various items that are handy to you, without worrying about the space. You guys, 'totes' need to get one of these ASAP!

Amal clooney

Amal Clooney donning a tote bag for her daily work run.

Next up, we have backpacks, these are the most spacious, and easy to carry around. When it comes down to comfort, we only have these backpacks on our mind. Relive your cool kid college days by throwing a rucksack, and the benefit is that there are so many fabulous looking prints and colors to choose from, and styles to wear with your everyday outfits. We love a backpack that you can probably wear around your shoulder, thrown on casually as you sass around without looking outdated. We are going to say this loud and clear, backpacks were, have and will always be in style no matter what, irrespective of your age.

Jet Black Studded Mini Backpack

Hadeer Mousa carrying the Jet Black Studded Mini Backpack from the OwnTheLooks collection

Lastly, we will end the article on a trendy note, by talking about the Fanny pack that comes off more as a style statement or a modern accessory that you just can't miss. We can call it by many names such as the Waist Bag, Belt Bag, and other names that we could go on with. It has successfully staged a comeback and is now cooler than ever. We are now seeing an upsurge of fancy ones which are either made of leather, or our embossed with embellishments and other patterns, also, there are various types of straps so you can wear it multiple ways, and style it differently for different outings and occasions.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian dons a chic Fanny Pack

Every bag on the above list is worth a try, we would say. Which type is your most used or which do you think is perfect to own the looks?

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