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Whether you want it or not, fall/autumn has finally arrived. Cold nights and dark mornings are upon us, and we need to adjust what we wear and our wardrobes accordingly. If you haven’t turned over a brand-new leaf yet and started planning your autumn to winter wardrobe essentials, we’ve come up with tips to get you started. 

Make space for new items 

Army Green Suede Skirt and Stripe Top Set


You knew you had to do this, right? There’s no better way of making space for new items that are more weather-appropriate than by cleaning out your wardrobe. Start by evaluating what you own right now. Go through every piece in your wardrobe methodically. Throw anything that has not been worn within a year or pieces that don’t fit you anymore. Better yet, donate to charity or sell the items. 

Make notes 

Make a list of category gaps that you’ve recognized whilst you’re going through your closet, such as items that are missing, need to update or don’t have enough of. Identify the key investment pieces that you need and make a budget for them, such as coats, knits, bags, and shoes or any basics you need to replace. 

In addition, consider special events that are coming up, so you can buy clothing specific for these. Think back on what you wore a few years back as well, which you can carry on for the season and update to look extra chic. 

Create an outfit inspiration board 

Take outfit inspiration from Deema Al Asadi, Mina Al Sheikhly, Fatma Husam, and other influencers, and figure out exactly what you want for your wardrobe this autumn and winter season. The items, materials, colors, and silhouettes you’ll go for – what are they? Go over images, then edit and tweak ‘til you’ve created the overall vibe that is perfect for you. 

Assess your lifestyle 

White Tartan Sweater and Skirt Set

The perfect wardrobe, regardless of the season, reflects your lifestyle and not just your personal style. For instance, heels and corporate wear won’t be appropriate if you’re working from the comforts of your home or spending your day walking around town. 

What you wear must complement how you live. Be sure to check your social schedule with the coming season. If you have holidays planned out, what are the activities that you’ll need trendy women’s dresses and women’s stylish jackets for? Group your clothes into categories, so you can roughly estimate how many outfits you’ll need for the season. In the UAE, people are more social during the colder months, which means you’d have to take this into account. We suggest you stock up on both casual and formal outfits! 

Stick to one color story 

For practicality and convenience, the majority of your clothes should be neutral in color. A palette of greys, nudes, whites, and blacks allow for mixing and matching so your wardrobe feels fresh. You can add excitement with a neutral color this season using texture and structure. 

Clothing choices for the colder months tend to be monochrome, but if color is more of your preference, think about tones such as vivid red, maroon, magenta, khaki, and navy. They’re excellent additions to a neutral color palette. Pastels are also massive this year and jewel tones of sapphire blue, bright orange, and emerald green. 

Quality over quantity 

Instead of having a large wardrobe, aim in having a small one that’s full of high-quality, low-cost essentials and key pieces that can co-exist beautifully to define your personal style. Less is more, as you may already know. 

Look for pieces with great quality but you should also remember that fit is everything. Of course, you must have core go-to pieces like a pair of jeans, a good sweater, long-sleeved dresses, coats, and blouses. Stick to styles that work best with your body shape and keep it looking fresh in inventive and unexpected ways. 

Seasonal updates 

What we call the ‘fun stuff,’ seasonal updates are trendy items that you need but in moderation. They are still necessary for your core wardrobe each season to give your outfits a refreshing lift. Purchase styles that are masculine, minimalist, sports luxe, and graphic prints in stripe, oriental, and bold geometric varieties. 

Buy what you love 

As soon as you’ve clearly defined what your overall style is for this season, it’s time for you to go shopping! Take careful consideration on what you need to prevent overspending and impulse buys.  You should love every single piece that you purchase and each piece must also complement not just your style but your wardrobe as well. Autumn and winter clothes are expensive, so you’d want to be able to carry them through the next cold season.

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