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We all hit the age when it seems like everyone we know are getting married. That even includes our very own weddings. When dressing for the occasion, it seems like the process is quite simple and straightforward. But, you will soon realize that it’s more complex as how you think it is, regardless of how often you attend such events. 

Therefore, tips are a great welcome, especially on what are acceptable to wear for weddings, as well as what should be staying in our closets. We spoke to our favorite influencers, Ola Farahat and Rania Fawaz, and here are what they say should be and should not be worn on weddings:

Imperial Red Pleated Midi Skirt

Opt for a simpler pattern or solid color 

While this is not your wedding day, there are cameras that are taking pictures of everyone in the party. Just like the family and the bridal party, you'd want to both look and feel the absolute best. For you to do this, it’s recommended that you stick to solid colors or simpler patterns. Navy is our favorite when it comes to these events. 

With that being said, we have been made to believe for years that it’s best if we don’t wear horizontal stripes. We all thought vertical is the way to go for looking lean and tall. That’s everyone’s general goal for when taking pictures or being in them. But, as it turns out, it’s actually the opposite: studies have shown that a person is perceived narrowed in width when wearing horizontal strips in comparison to vertical stripes. If you’d want to rock a print in the upcoming wedding you will be attending, make a switch with a horizontal-striped dress or ensemble. 

Make sure a skirt has a finger-tip length or longer 

White and Pink Checks Slip Dress

While not every wedding takes place inside a church, here’s a rule of thumb: if you’ll be able to wear it to a church, then you can wear it for a wedding. We all agree that you look stunning and gorgeous in a mini dress that you’ve just picked up recently. However, a wedding is not the place for you to show off your body. 

This means it is best to leave that mini dress at home and wear the one that is more appropriate for the event. Skirts and dresses have to be fingertip length as you’ll be sitting a lot. It is not fun constantly pulling down a dress. 

Opt for something that is appropriate for the venue 

If you know exactly where the wedding will be taking place, you’ll get lots of cues as to what you should and should not wear. If you will be sitting outside in the sun as the wedding will be in a garden in summer, then you can and maybe should dress differently than how you would for a wedding that is inside a church. 

Printed Handkerchief Dress

Whether a mosque, Southern Baptist church, or beach, there are cues that you can gain as soon as you know where the location is. For a religious event, it may need you to cover your arms or hair. For a beach wedding, a sundress is going to be a great option.

Follow the guide given on the RSVP 

Don’t know where the venue will be for the wedding that you are attending? That is fine. You can still prepare months or weeks ahead on your outfit as RSVPs and invitations provide additional guidelines and information that can be useful in determining the appropriate clothes and even shoes for you to wear. 

Consider the time and setting of the event in order for you to decide on your clothes. If the invitation says that the wedding will be in the evening, you know you’d have to be dressed up. When the invitation says that the wedding will be in the afternoon, you can wear something that is more informal or casual.

 These days, invitations also have requests e.g. formal attire only. There may be additional requests that the hosts would want you to wear or have during their special day. The most appropriate attire for a wedding often falls into these categories: casual, dressy casual, black tie, and white tie. White tie is formal and the most formal as it indicates you’d have to wear a floor length evening dress or even a ball gown. 

As for black tie, it is a short yet dreamy cocktail dress or a fancy gown that goes all the way to the floor. As for dressy casual, you can wear a cocktail dress. A simple summer dress would suffice or be acceptable for a casual attire. Follow these guidelines so you know you are in the clear. 

Ready to shop for your wedding attire? Here are dresses and co-ords we know you’ll love. 

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