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Mixing athletics with leisure, wouldn't really resonate with us until last year. But today, it is the hottest trend globally, gaining a lot of attention, all from a simple idea. This trend has caught on with the millennials and has amassed a lot of fame. Athleisure clothing is more multifaceted as the clothes have a casual appeal but then they're being worn at both - formal and informal events. What's all this buzz about? Is it worth the buy? Let's break it down for you, cause you might as well OwnTheLooks while trying something new.  This year is all about choosing minimalism over maximalism, 'cause gone are those days when you'd segregate gym clothes from the rest of your outfits. Put on those yoga pants, get some green juice and let's get going.


How are that celebs constantly carry off sharp looks with such basic clothing? Lately, their wardrobes are more understated and give off chill vibes, all the time. There are few essentials of athleisure that can all be paired together, or separately with different outfits.

Athleisure - Fashion or Fad

First up is our favorite, the Sweatshirt. Oh yes, what'd only be worn for a coffee run, or a visit to the cinema is now seen at every instance. These Hoodies and comfy jackets are being worn even in the summers. Pair these with a chic leather skirt, for a dressy appeal. Other than that, you could put on some dark colored leggings. If it is a night out, complete the look with wedges or heels.

ola farahat website

Ola Farahat wears the Bright Yellow Oversized Hoodie from OwnTheLooks

Next up are the classic Sweatpants. These are no longer only worn to yoga classes or for chilling on the couch. Complement these joggers with a plain vest and throw on a flannel or a suede jacket, and you'll look more purposeful. Cookie points if you accessorize this outfit with a heavy neckpiece or chunky bracelets.


Kim Kardashian West rocking white Sweatpants

Isn't it hard to resist footwear that is super comfy but also fancy? That's why we love Slides cause they're a great substitute for the monotonous sandals and flip-flops. For a quick fix, resort to these and you won't be disappointed with the outcome. Since these don't follow a dress code, they can be paired with anything - from casual t-shirts and shorts to formal dresses. They range from intricate designs of fur and beads to plain ones with solid colors, so you get to make your pick.

ownthelooks uk

Sofia Richie wearing black fur Slides

Buy a few or many of these, maybe in all colors. You guessed it right, we're talking about Sneakers. These are finally getting the attention they deserve. Express your style with these kicks whether it's attending an office meeting or running few errands at the supermarket. You can wear them over dresses, jumpsuits or the usual gym outfits. Since these are so convenient to buy and available everywhere, we'd say hoard your shoe rack with them.

own the look

Gigi Hadid wearing white Sneakers



The key rule is to always dress up, not down and so we'd like to accessorize with a Backpack. What was the biggest trend circa late 90's is now back with a bang? For us girls, the biggest issue is when it comes to thrusting all our make up, food and money in one place. There is nothing better than excess storage space. Carry it to your college like old times or an evening out with friends, or for a day trip with your friends. We'd term these as forever favorites, and never let go of them!

 Khloe Kardashian sporting a chic Backpack

Khloe Kardashian sporting a chic Backpack

So, our take on the entire theme of Athleisure is - hop on and follow along. Having created a billion-dollar industry this year, it is definitely more than just a fad and inching towards contemporary fashion. It is a given that we have more than half of these items lying in our wardrobes. It would be optimal to put them to use right away and give a break to our credit cards. Since it is pocket friendly and Instagram trendy, let's indulge in it while it lasts. The essence of it is to be comfortable and yet modish. This movement has been pioneered by A-list celebs and bloggers, because who doesn't love being in loose-fitting clothes, irrespective of the occasion?


The best part being, it isn't restricted to any one particular season and can be worn around the year. Abandon the stereotypical notion of only donning sportswear in the gym or sports class. This great idea checks the box for casual outings, work days, brunches, events and movie nights. Excuse us while we go for our next evening out putting together a snuggly yet snazzy look. Meanwhile, we're eager to know how you style them and OwnTheLooks.


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