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Handbags have their own magical power in transforming your look from the most basic to bougie; which is why they are the accessories that every woman on this planet loves to need. 

A handbag is crucial everyday item since the 16th century. Throughout history, fashion has provided us with a broad range of iconic designs and options, from exclusive totes to timeless classic monogram pieces. They have certainly grown to be the staple womenswear accessory. 

They are like every woman’s second limb, carrying our personal items – an umbrella? A book? A bar of emergency chocolate? Whatever it is that you put in a bag is your business. 

Most women can’t and won’t leave their front door without one. Regardless of whether you are going to work, out for lunch with the girls, or even just for a quick run to the supermarket, a handbag is a must-have. 

And, exactly where would your guy place his stuff if you are not carrying one? Sigh. 

Right now, a lot of our classic favorites are trending and in full swing. Fashion has also welcomed back more eclectic, statement bags that have the ability to make or break an outfit. If you don’t have the budget for designer handbags, don’t fret! We’ve found the trendiest bags that you can purchase without blowing off your entire account. You’re welcome. 

Before we get right into that...

Which material is the best for a handbag?

There is a range of quality beauties for you to choose from. While the style is a glaringly obvious factor that you should consider when selecting a new bag, you will need to take some time in thinking about the material as well. 

The obvious choices are durable leather and suede. If you want a material that is more animal-friendly, then a must-try for you would be bags that are fake versions with faux fur, velvet, polyester, rubber, vinyl, and fabric.

The Tote Handbag

The tote handbag is sure to let you bring out your wilder side. Get a leopard number that is similar to that of Kate Moss that she made popular during the 90s. Any tote bag with a furry animal print and metal ring detailing will be a fashion statement. Being a tote bag, it is also very practical in terms of its capacity, which means you will be able to fill your bag with goodies. 

Even if you just team your tote bag with your favorite black crew neck, black mom jeans, and some gold or silver jewelry, you will still be the most stylish and chic in any setting.

Cross body HandbagLady Basket Mini Handbag

For an immaculate and trendy handbag, try the cross body and scroll no further. The crossbody envelope bag, in particular, is so hot as of the moment. Featuring a shoulder strap that’s adjustable, handy internal compartments, and a foldover top, it is practical and stylish at the same time. 

Other cross body handbags that we see Ola Farahat and other influencers carry with them are ones in neutral colors. For a sleek, clean look, pair your cross body with an all black or white ensemble and a pair of mini matrix sunglasses – so fierce.


Minaudiere is a kind of clutch that is fully encrusted with colorful gems, stones, and pearls, meaning it just oozes with grandeur and sophistication! So, when there is a special event that you are anticipating like a cocktail party or wedding, carry a Minaudiere rather than a clutch. For those extra special days, you would really want this handbag to make it even more sparkly.

Hobo Bag

The hobo bag is a type of shoulder bag that isn’t as wide. Its crescent shape makes this particular bag equal parts casual and formal. If you’re bored with the regular shoulder bags and totes, try picking up the hobo instead. It’ll be a great addition to your looks and bag collection.


A satchel is perfect for the working, independent woman. It hits the sweet spot that’s between being a handbag good for everyday use and as a laptop bag as well. With this, there is no need for you to carry two different bags. It will fit all your basics in, plus you can add gadgets in there, too. Remember to only invest in a satchel that is of good quality so you know that it is sturdy. It needs to last a long time, so you should not get anything that is close to sloppy!

Mini Handbag

The world is currently obsessing over the trademark of Shrimps which is a mini handbag. It is a great option to a wallet, and it oozes with glamour and style even with its small size. It comes in many different materials and designs. A black mini handbag will go with everything and will be able to keep your essentials safe yet out of sight, especially items like loose tampons that you would rather people not to witness.

Mini Handbag




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