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This is not something that you would have heard a few years back, but since a year or so, street style has rapidly emerged in the fashion and clothing industry. Let us briefly delve into the exact meaning of this new term. Firstly, it is a specific fashion style which comes originally from British fashion culture, and secondly, the “street” approach to style and fashion is often based on individualism, rather than focusing solely on current fashion trends. Also, Within the everyday life, people can communicate and display their idea of what is 'street style' via their social media accounts, sharing their personal and, individualized expressions of self. 

From models, celebrities and fashionistas to the extremely famous Instagram based community of street style photographers and models, all have adapted and altered to this gamut of fashion. Street Fashion is the kind that is considered to have emerged not from the big and rich studios of the world but emerges from the grassroots of streetwear. It is difficult to define what street style is and what it is not because it is an individual expression. So, let us draw inspo from the fashion divas around us, and Own The Looks  while we are at it. From the ditsy floral dresses to sky blue distressed denim and pain T’s, and to bubblegum pink midis and red voluminous tops and skirts, we have a fashion guide for you all. So instead of listing outfits, let us look at some of the biggest players of this style. 

Who does it better than Kim Kardashian West? The queen of defying the static fashion trends, and going ahead with athleisure and street style. Being the co-owner of Yeezy, she is mostly seen donning solid colors of body con dresses, oversized jackets, biker shorts, sweatpants, and tube tops. KKW has been spotted wearing a mix of wearing high waist joggers with a plain buster top, and extravagant matching jackets with her outfits. And to top it all, she sports high heels and stilettos with these and her patent color coordinating hair wigs.


own the looks

Kim looks icy blue in her comfy yet standard monochrome attire.

Next up we have the youth sensation, Hailey Baldwin aka Justin Bieber's fiancé. What is she going to fashion mantra? If you wanna go casual, then always accessorize. From oversized sweater dresses to diamond studded denim, this girl knows how to rock it all. Though she is mostly following street style wear, you may see her dressed with tailoring and fit for an ensemble that screams high fashion. We like a girl, who can do both. Top buns and chunky sports shoes? You are doing it, right lady!

street look style Hailey is known for mixing different styles for the 'street look'

First up on the list, we have our own home girl, Farhana Bodi. Hair casually flying in the air? Check. A trendy belt over a statement dress? Check. Chunky heels to walk on the scorching streets of Dubai? Double check. This Middle Eastern influencer has got this whole street style thing down. Her presence in the fashion and beauty scene in Dubai is extremely prevalent, and you will find her Instagram account showcasing the majority of street style looks. From Parisian beret hats to the trendiest Italian boots, this beauty escalates the power of her outfits with colorful accessories and trendy mini sling bags. Street style gets a whole new flavor when it has been endorsed by her. 

ownthelooks collections

Farhana Bodi wearing the Black Deep V Neck Pinstripe Double-Buttoned Cropped Sleeveless Co-ord Dress from the OwnTheLooks collection.

Last but not the least we have the gorgeous - Camila Cabello. If you follow her you know for certain that she is a globetrotter and can be found jetting off to Paris on a Tuesday, before heading back to LA for an event on Wednesday, only to jet off to London, for another show. Despite her crazy schedule, she is always to be found in the chicest attires and as a big supporter of street style. The singer is dressed in ensembles that are modern, chic, sultry, tasteful, experimental and elegant.


Camila Cabello - ownthelooks

Camila Cabello displays her inner diva in a full Parisian look during the Fashion Week.

It could be sporting a simple floral dress with sneakers and a tote or an extravagant fur coat with leather pants. To each individual, the idea of being fashionable is different, and today the ramp is not the only place where fashion is taken seriously, because it is mostly incorporated from the 'streets'. What locals wear, what are different styles of the season, they all fall under one umbrella. So, what does street style mean to you? Does it resonate with these celebs or is it different? We are keen to know! 

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