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The days of your shoes having to match your handbag perfectly are long gone, and now is the time to mix and match all the different accessories you have as a part of your collection. What would even our lives be without these? Our sunniest, earrings, necklaces, bags, change the whole game and take your overall dressing skills, many notches higher. Nowadays, wearing a statement bag with respect to the season's signature color with a different color shoe is certain to make your overall look appear fresh and modern. We love a piece that can bring your outfit to life, and make it livelier to help you own the look.   

Keeping yourself updated is key, to know what accessory pairs best with any other one are very important. For the same, we have compiled a list of the season's best and most popular essentials, so that you stun in these combinations. To make your everyday outfit go from 'good to whoa', and to perk it up well, keep in mind to at least always add at least one statement piece. A chic, sophisticated accessory can best make for the ideal accessory for a meeting with your friends or attending meetings. It is time to rummage through all your accessories and pick the best ones for the current season as we love to see you OwnTheLooks and glamorize elegantly.  

Let us first start with something you will find right away in your drawer. It is brilliant to wear multiple bracelets that make a stylish statement. You can buy a set of multiple bracelets that are sold together or you can even do the same simply by wearing multiple bracelets that you already own. Also, you must always choose a bracelet that has your type of charms, colors, and combinations that reflect their personal style. And lastly, we need to know the trick of matching the colors and metals that help to tie the whole outfit together.  

women's accessories

Kylie Jenner is known for stacking bracelets of gold, silver, and bronze together as her patent fashion statement.


Next up we have something that can never go wrong. Yes, you guessed it correctly, these are sunglasses. Finding a flattering pair of sunnies can be a task, but choose one according to what suits your features and face shape. If you are still unsure, here is a pro tip - classic wayfarer style never goes out of vogue. From aviators and wayfarers to club masters and vintage ones, you can own many different ones for different occasions. Consider where you are off to and what season it is, accordingly, it is easy to make your pick.  


womens sunglasses

@itsfadwas stuns in the Black Square Slim Vintage Sunglasses from the OwnTheLooks sunglasses collection.

There are certain accessories that make the cut to daily wear and this is one is a classic, and we would not mind wearing it every day with our outfits. A statement gold or silver watch does this work perfectly. Do you prefer metallic watches to the leather ones? Is your shape preference circular over square? There can be thousands of variations and styles when it comes to making a choice. It is simple, you have to pick the accessory that best reflects your style and will be easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits. It is proven that there is almost nothing a great pair of sunnies can't do.  


womens accessories

Jennifer Aniston wears a statement gold watch with the rest of her accessories 

And at last, we will talk about a statement neck piece. While wearing this, you must ensure that you have to embellish without going overboard. In order for your neck piece to get noticed, you should wear something solid on top so that the beauty is enhanced. the right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain outfit into something exotic or fancy. Know the color of your outfit and then choose if you want to wear the same color necklace or if you would like to contrast the colors. Do not be afraid to pair a bold necklace with a bold pattern. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple is key. 

women's accessories

Scarlett Johansson shines in a multi-colored necklace set

What is your pick? Is it a watch, a necklace, a wrist full of bracelets, a tote or some statement sunnies? If you have a lot going on with your clothing, the best way to accentuate is with an accessory that will complete the outfit, not compete with the outfit. You could also do the same tricks with a nice tote bag, or a smart belt or a dressy scarf. These all work well, with respect to the type of outfit you choose for the day. Incorporate accessories in your everyday dressing to OwnTheLooks

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