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Have you ever met someone you thought is more graceful and elegant than most people? Did you also wonder what the secret of that person is? If so, then you’re in luck as we have the answer and we’re sure you’ll be surprised at how easy and simple it is. 

People who have proper etiquette are the ones that are perceived as elegant. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t born from an elegant environment. It’s something that can be learned from watching admirable people, reading etiquette rules everyone should know about, and following them. Then, simply practice them so they come as your second nature. 

When you’re alone, you can start out in being graceful by assessing yourself with a mirror in front of you. When you are comfortable with the new public persona you have adapted, simply take it anywhere with you!

How You Look

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There’s nothing you will be able to do with the fact that the public judges by how you look; therefore, use that to your advantage. We are not saying you need to drain your savings just to look refined. Instead, be wise with your fashion and purchasing decisions. 

Here are a couple of tips on refining how you look:


  • Posture – hold your head high and stand up straight when you are walking. Slouching is never an option even as you sit. Remember that your body language portrays more than what you’re saying.
  • Makeup – with makeup, understated is better than wearing too much. Wash your face, then pick a feature to enhance. Makeup experts always advise clients on playing up either the lips or the eyes, not both.
  • Attire – make it a habit to dress appropriately! If you’re in doubt about what to wear to certain occasions, contact the host or sponsor to find out. Take the time in polishing your shoes and never wear dirty or wrinkled clothing.


When dressing elegantly, the fit is key. Sophisticated and classy clothes are typically form-fitting and tailored. Clothing shouldn’t be too tight – with just the right fit to show your figure. A skirt should hit a few inches below or above your knees as should classy dresses. 

For a pair of classic trousers, it can be slightly wide, straight, menswear-inspired or faintly bootcut. Skinny pants and wide-leg pants are acceptable in classic fabrics, as are Audrey Hepburn-inspired ankle pants. Sweaters, blouses, and blazers should follow your waist’s curve.

stylish dresses and jumpsuits

Don’t hesitate in taking items to your local tailor or dressmaker for them to have the proper fit. Do you love trendy and stylish dresses and jumpsuits, but they’re just too big for you in the bust? That is easy to fix! Are the gray wool pants sitting in your closet not possible to wear with flats? Maybe they’re too long for your classic pumps. Just have them fixed! Remember, clothes with good quality can last years. Having them altered is worth it and definitely beats having to replace cheap trousers every three years. 

How You Speak

Pink Pearl Silk Midi Ball Dress

Elegant women speak with confidence on the topics they know. But they are also good listeners and make people they are with comfortable. If you are capable of putting others at ease, you will find that their impressions are positive. 

Here are tips for speaking with elegance: 

  • Make eye contact and smile often.
  • Avoid using slang which is not familiar for people you’re talking to and speak clearly.
  • Don’t be a drama queen. You’re not required to air out all of your grievances to all people you speak with. You can save them for your closest friend that you know you can confide in.
  • Don’t brag about yourself constantly.
  • Don’t give too much information about your personal life. There are things that people don’t have to know.
  • Practice being good at conversing. Turn your attention to who you’re talking to and that person will think you are brilliant. 

All you need now are outfit ideas for looking graceful and elegant, so check out our latest collection here!


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