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Nude and Black Lace Slit Mini Dress

Dressing well does not have to take up so much effort. As a matter of fact, cool and casual styling is the easiest look that you can pull off. It is all about understanding what works best for you and your personal style. Then, wear the heck out of it. Don't forget a fierce attitude to boot. Looking and dressing cool is simply you looking and feeling relaxed, confident, and casual. You might be in need of some help to get you going. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips so you can look and feel effortlessly cool in an instant!

Analyze the items in your closet 

One of the things that you need to take care of first is making it quick and easy for you to find good clothes. Of course, you need to have expertly tailored clothes; however, this is only the second priority. So, go through your wardrobe piece by piece. Assess the items in terms of fit and quality. You should also feel comfortable and confident wearing each clothing item. 

Separate all of your clothes and accessories into four different piles in order to expedite the process: give away, not-in-season, tailor, and keep. This will give you both bran space and closet space, as well as the ease in mixing and matching garments which pair great together. 

Nothing says relaxed, casual, and cool like the ability to reach into one’s wardrobe, feeling confident in the items that are being picked out. If you want a capsule wardrobe, then all your clothes should be able to pair together. You should not have anything which stands out just like sore thumbs, be it in color or style that’s outdated and no longer working for you anymore. 

If you need guidance in assessing your wardrobe, enlist the help of a fashionable friend. The goal is eliminating those that are outdated, unnecessary, and unflattering. Yes, we are referring to your juvenile graphic tees and patterned jeans! 

Red Collared Sheer Yoke Sleeved Princess Midi Dress

Ignore or pick the trends to try 

Dressing cool and casual is about understanding what looks great on you. That means even though you’re updated of what is trendy in fashion, you respectfully decline all those that are not working on you. Women that dress cool are, take note, not worrying about looking trendy but confident instead. 

Consider your physique 

Royal Blue Full Sleeves Top with Black Mermaid Skirt

If you are really fit, then most clothes can fit you. However, if you are not in the category of super-fit just like the majority of us, then there’s no need for you to feel discouraged. It simply involves you finding out what body shape you belong in, as well as finding out exactly how to style yourself based on it. 

Although you are not able to hide your physical fitness, finding out the best ways in dressing for your specific body type can help in eliminating issues. It will also help you find the foundation for styling and types of clothing that you should be stocking up to exude the cool vibe we all want deep down. 

If you don’t know what your body type is, simply check out our guide on dressing for your specific body shape. 

Black Pleated Wrap-around Midi Dress

Find a local tailor that you  adore

Apart from assessing your wardrobe, you should also have clothes with the perfect fit if you want to be able to dress cool and casual. The perfect fit is never negotiable. As a rule of thumb, your shirts should not puff out in the waist or hips and they should not be oversized. As for your pants, they should not require a belt. Your jeans should all be slim fitting with the right length. We suggest you seek out the tailor that understands all the ins as well as outs of well-fitted clothing items. Try your local dry cleaner as well if you need alterations. 

Finding a style icon 

If you still have not hit on the looks that are uniquely yours, then you would need some style inspiration. Do you think you are more a Gwyneth Paltrow than an Angelina Jolie kind of girl? Either way, get some cues from their cool and effortless style as you are sure you are going to bag yourself an irresistible hottie or two. Study up, ladies. 

Go shopping! 

After doing your research for styling and assessing your closet, it is time for you to go shopping. Get the advice of your stylish friends and have them lend you a hand in looking for pieces that match your aesthetic. Remember that clothes have to fit the type of body you have. This may involve a lot of hours in different dressing rooms. Make sure you are discerning as to what does and doesn’t work for you. 

You now have everything you need to start dressing and casual. Follow these tips and you’ll thank us!

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