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There are several reasons to love jumpsuits and rompers. These trendy one-pieces are fun, casual, and flirty, plus they eliminate the need to mix-and-match! If you select the right one, you can instantly reveal your summery and playful vibe with ease; however, you can also make the mistake of wearing the wrong jumpsuit or pairing it with the wrong accessory! Make jumpsuits your fashion hero instead of fashion zero by taking the points in this article to heart.


Casual jumpsuits

If you are looking into adding some serious style into a casual occasion, we suggest you make a casual jumpsuit your first pick. Relaxed, oh-so-chic, and super comfortable, casual jumpsuits are the perfect items in getting you out of that dreaded t-shirt and jeans rut.

Choose from denim and cotton varieties in different silhouettes, so you find the perfect one that suits your liking or style. Take note: loose fit jumpsuits featuring drawstring or elastic waists are considered as universally flattering, making them perfect for the jumpsuit virgin.

If you plan on wearing flats with a jumpsuit, just remember to pick a lace-up sandal or a pair of cropped style boots that finishes slightly above or at the ankles. This is to help create balance, as well as keep the illusion of being slim and slender.



When attending a formal event, women often think that only a dress is the option for what to wear. Although dresses are safe choices for dressing appropriately, they rarely have the impact that jumpsuits have. A jumpsuit can be as polished and beautiful as a dress, and it has the added wow factor as you are thinking outside the box.

For some serious styling points for your next black-tie event, choose a sleek, well-tailored style that’s flattering to your figure. Pair it with a clutch and simple, yet chic earrings, and you are good to go!


Jumpsuit with Belts 

A belt is an accessory that’s vital if you want to pull off a jumpsuit, most especially if you are still unsure if the style works on you or not. With the belt addition, you will define your curves in the most flattering way. Most jumpsuits are already fitted around the waist, but adding a belt will make you seem slimmer. The belt can also turn column silhouettes into an hourglass.

Confused about which belt to use? We recommend trying belts that are in contrasting colors to your chosen jumpsuit. This will not just add dimension to your outfit, but it will also break up the line from your one-piece, which is most certainly welcome as it can otherwise seem overwhelming. Remember that your belt must match the color of your shoes for a put-together, cohesive look.

 Jumpsuit Accessories

Wearing a jumpsuit makes coordinating an outfit simpler in comparison to other ladies’ garments, but it still requires you to put some thought into your overall look. Wearing just one piece of clothing is an incredible idea, but you will need accessories if you want to look stylish. Choose the right accessories as the wrong ones can instantly turn your entire outfit sloppy. Keeping things chic is actually simple; just plan your outfit and pay particular attention in the size and color of your jewelry. After all, a statement piece such as a jumpsuit demands accessories which help it shine. The goal is finding accessories that are capable of highlighting your outfit while putting a break on its monotony.

 Jumpsuit with Heels

velvet jumpsuits

While jumpsuits are flattering on their own, they tend to pull the eye downwards when you’re looking at them. the result? You appear shorter than you really are. A low-waisted, wide-legged jumpsuit, in particular, is notorious for turning an average height lady into a mini version of herself. A good way for you to combat this issue is by pairing your jumpsuit with a pair of heels. The additional height you’ll get can lengthen your legs apart from making you feel more confident as you’re now a few inches taller! Just avoid chunky ones and stick with slimmer heels to keep your legs looking long and slick.

 Layering is Key

Accessories are not just the styling tools that help in nailing the jumpsuit. You can also layer as it helps in making you feel comfortable and looking chic at the same time. Layering a jumpsuit is quite simple. Add a leather jacket on top for a casual outing and a blazer for a more formal event.

 You can also tie the jacket on your waist if you want to add definition to your shape. This is best for Sunday picnics at the park. Another option is wearing a top or shirt underneath your jumpsuit. This works great with dresses as well.

Now that you know how to sport a jumpsuit just like our favorite style stars, go ahead and make a selection from our collection of trendy jumpsuits!

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