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The term, monochromatic, can be broken down into two: mono, which means single, and chromatic, which means color. This means a monochromatic outfit only consists of clothing items that are in a singular color. 

Caramel Two Piece Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

This does not mean you can only wear red or black from the head all the way to the toe. As a matter of fact, a monochrome outfit, at least the trend this 2020, makes use of one color in different tints and shades.

If you take red paint and add white into it incrementally, the color red will get lighter progressively and result in various tints of red. The light and dark shades of one color are what are best used in building monochromatic outfits. 

To give you an example, we might start with charcoal gray pants made of wood. The bottoms can be paired with a blouse in dove gray, and added with a pouch in dark gray in order to complete a monochrome outfit. Silver jewelry is then used in topping off the outfit and we are ready in taking over the world. 

The joy with monochrome color combinations is that they work flawlessly with any color of your choosing: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple. Name it! This means there’s no reason left for you to skip this style and not give it a try. We are certain there are certain colors that work best with your specific hair color or skin tone. 

Styling Tips to Rock a Monochrome Outfit 

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Now that you know what a monochrome outfit is, do you know where to begin? If you answered yes, then go ahead and give the trend a try. If not, here are some tips for you to pull off the style and successfully put together your very first monochrome ensemble:

Mix Textures in a Monochrome Outfit 

monochrome outfit


You need to make sure that you have mixed textures in a monochrome outfit. Yes, this means you need to add depth, dimension, and visual interest to your overall look. This is to make sure that you don’t look boring or bland. With ur very first gray outfit, we made a gray skirt as the main focus or point of interest. Its shiny texture takes the entire monochrome outfit to an entirely new level. We then added a bulky sweater that has cable knit, perfect in offsetting the shiny skirt. A shiny skirt can also be paired with a fedora and turtleneck. 

Some combinations that you can give a go for some texture to your look include leather and cotton, wool and sequins, silk and suede, and chiffon and denim. 

Make sure you don’t forget boots or shoes as they are also great in adding texture. They'll be able help you add interest to a monochrome outfit. We suggest you consider patent, satin, suede, or leather shoes. Just make sure they work with your outfit and what you are trying to develop. You can even go for sequined heels if you are feeling adventurous. We personally love us some silver metallic pumps for formal occasions and of course, night outs with the girlfriends. 

Achieve Balance 

Remember to maintain or achieve balance when you combine different pieces. A fashionista knows this is the golden rule in creating a look and not just for a monochrome ensemble. What you don’t want is having one color overwhelming your entire vibe. Quite the contrary, you’d need to make your look capable of making you seem taller and leaner than you actually are. In order for you to achieve this, take a good look at the mirror, then play with proportions. 

 For instance, if you are wearing a loose blouse or sweater, you should only use fitted bottoms. For a full skirt with an A-line as neckline, you get a top that's form-fitting to pair with it. The same is true for a very bulky sweater. Pair it with skinny jeans. Wear boots to complete your edgy look. 

Try to give more focus on the right areas 

Highlight the parts of the body that you consider your assets with the use of the right shade of a color you’ve chosen for your monochrome outfit. When you are wearing one color that are in different shades, pay close attention to where the light and dark pieces are. 

If your hips are rather wide and you don’t want to emphasize them, then don’t wear a white skirt or pants. Stick to the darker shade of a color and then go lighter for your top e.g. a dark navy short shorts and a sky blue blouse. 

You can also use belts in accentuating waists with monochromatic looks. Belts are incredible add-ons for outfits that are flowy and require definition or some structure.  

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